May, June and some TTC'ers- Part 23
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lovemy3 - April 11

1 Month till May! Wow, time has flown. This thread could have some birth stories. Big Hugs!


lovemy3 - April 11

Hi all. Time has flown by. I still read along and glad to see you all have done well. As for me, still plodding along. Finding it very difficult to believ that after 3 kids concieved in a flash I could be 1 yr ttc number 4. Like i've said, had all the tests etc, nothing hugely wrong. Down 15 lbs. Thats really it. This summer was the cut off date for TTCing and its approaching. We had gave ourselves 18 months and still the big 0. So, I'll keep you guys up to date. I'll be watching for your birth stories. xoxxo


lovemy3 - April 11

OOPS posted this on wrong board!!!!!!!



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