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acklyn - December 27

sorry it didn't happen this cycle for you Ann,hopefully next cycle you would get that positive hpt/hcg. Did anyone experience cramping pain in the abdomen after taking the HCG trigger shot prior to iui? i took the hcg shot cd15 at 12:30am whereas i have been having cramps on my right ever since i took the shot, it is now cd19 and i am still receive pain on my right side - though inconsistently now.


Ann - December 27

acklyn, I had some pain after the hcg, too. I wondered if it was the ovulation. What is prometrium for? What size were your follicles when they gave you the hcg? Good luck!


acklyn - December 28

my doctor prescriibed prometrium aka progesterone to help support pregnancy and prevent/lower the risk of miscarriage(little pink balls). My 3 biggest follicles were 14mm,18mm and 18.5mm on cd13, I was unable to go for ultrasound on cd15 before taking hcg shot - so I'm just assuming my follicles grew to atleast 20mm -21mm or bigger when I had the iui procedure on cd16.


fairooz - April 13

i am 40 years , i have married just before one year, i have only one ovary , i had dermoid cyst and was opertaed by surgical resection of the dermoid with the ovay b/c it was big...i now recieve clomid tab 100mg/day followed by pregnyl ing to concieve, i have tried it now for 4 months but still no ultrasound the measurment of the follicle in last month was 28mm by 25mm, and in the first month the follicle size was 20mm by 25mm , i did progestrone level on 21day of the period and it was 12.2 and in last month it reached up to 3o question is the size of the follicles i had was too big and is it possible that these follicle were in fact cysts...i need your advice what to do next and how can i be sure that these are follicles and not cysts.


love2run26 - February 18

Hello everyone. I am really glad I came across this post. I was taking 50mg of clomid earlier in the month and went in for an ultrasound today. I had over 14 mature follicles, all around 16-30mm. The doctor I saw was very concerned and said I was at great risk for OHSS. My husband and I were planning to do IUI this month, but had to cancel the procedure due to the # of follicles. I am very worried I may have a severe case of OHSS once I do ovulate and am wondering if anyone else has gone through a similar situation? This is my 2nd round of clomid, last was done with a different doctor about 1 year ago. The same thing happened with my first round of clomid, although I only had 8 mature follicles. I explained all of this to my new doctor, but he still insisted I take clomid again...and now my treatment has been cancelled and I am at risk for OHSS. SO, I am frustrated with my new doctor since clomid hasn't worked out well for me in the past. Any advice???


szeretlek - May 15

Hi, I was taking 50mg of Clomid starting on day 3 of my cycle. Turns out my body is very sensitive to Clomid. So much that they want me to take half the dose so 25mg instead of the 50mg. I just went for my ultrasound on the weekend and I had 6 mature follicles. The doctors are alway concerned when you have 4 mature follicles and up so they told me to have told me not to have intercourse. The other doc at the fertility clinic the day before when I have one less mature follicle told it was up to me if I wanted to continued with timmed intercourse but that the doctor the next day would prob tell me to skip this cycle. She told me I would ovulate today or tomorrow and not to have intercourse. Since I already had she told me not to stress out but not to have any more intercourse since I would ovulate that day or the next. If I had a positive test at the end of the month she would Schedule and early ultrasound. I have been very lucky to not have any side effects from Clomid.

love2run26 - did your doctor reduce your Clomid?. They told me that would help to make less follicles since my body seems to take so well to Clomid.


lesalou - May 16

HI all, I am on day 15 of my first cycle of 50mg Chlomid, started on day 2. I have had ultra sound ever 2-3 days, i started with 8 follicles and now just one that is 20mm - Dr was expecting it to have ovulated by now and I have to go back friday for another scan - to see if it has gone or if not I may need an injection to make it 'pop' has anyone else come across this ?


Micha - May 20

Lesalou im not having scans just bloodwork so im not sure but it sounds promising.


szeretlek - May 24

lesalou - How did things turn out for you?.
I have monitoring with ultrasounds and blood work. It is normal for them to give you the injection to force ovulation or to give it if say you have 3 mature follicles and more growing. They will give it to you so the others don't mature.
Good luck


CostumeQueen - July 1

So I just went in for my first u/s for my first round of IUI. I have PCOS and didn't know what to expect. Dr said that I have 42 follicles ready to start maturing on each ovary. He said this was a high amount. I start the Clomid tonight and am really hoping for a happy outcome to all of this. Any advice?



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