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acklyn - December 20

had my first ultrasound today-day 11 of af, i produced 9 follicles 5 on left & 4 on my right ovary using clomid50mg though unfortunately left fallopian tube is blocked. my 2 largest follicles are only 15mm & 14 1/2mm my doctor wants me to take okt tuesday morning cd12 if its positive she wants me to come in for my first iui on wednesday cd13 - but i already started getting an lh surge since sunday cd10. my doctor doesn't seem to want to give me the hcg shot. All i want for christmas is to be pregnant and to have a healthy baby or two 9 months later. my four larger follicles are between 13-15mm, she saids if more than 2 follicles keep growing n mature that we'll have to cancel the iui this cycle - isnt there some way to exempt/abort a follicle if more than 2 mature and fertilize? how much bigger does my follicle have to grow to mature & hatch? should i push for the hcg trigger? DH and i have been ttc for about 1 1/2 years.
Your advice & support would be very welcomed.


Ann - December 20

Hi acklyn, my dr (without knowing further facts about a specific person, i.e. first iui) won't give the hcg shot until a follicle is over 20. However, I saw someone else post on the board that their dr will give the shot at 16. You really have a lot of follicles for only 50mg of clomid!! Hopefully, not all of your follicles will mature and you won't have to worry about it. Is it impossible for you to conceive from your left at all? Are the two big ones on your right? This month, I had 3 follicles--28, 27, and 21. My dr almost wouldn't do the iui due to the chance of multiples. My dr only gave me half the dosage of hcg. Maybe there is a correlation between the number of follicles and the amount of hcg they give (with nine they may not want to give hcg due to the large risk of multiples). I don't know of any way to get rid of follicles. Hang in there and hopefully only two will mature for you.


acklyn - December 20

thanks for your support Ann. yes 9 follicles are a lot but they are all small - biggest being 15mm- when everyone else seem to have almost double my size folicles, my doctor did a double check when she realized i had 9 follies on 50mg clomid(she actually asked me if i did a overdose up to 100mg which i didnt). i have adhesions in my left tube and most likely if i get fertilized on my left it would be a tubal pregnancy - which i difinitely wont dont pray for. Does anyone know how long a follicle takes to grow from 15mm to 20mm?


Ann - December 20

acklyn, I will hope for ovulation on your right side! The first time I had iui, I only had two follicles (19 and 23) when they gave me the shot. If i remember correctly, they grew by approximately 2 each day (the second time my follicles were at the 28,27, and 21 on the first u/s I had that month so I don't know how fast they grew). Good luck to you!


acklyn - December 20

thank you for the very needed information ann!!


kotkot - December 20

well for me .. on an ordinary 100mg clomid cycle i used to have one dominated follicle 18-21 mm and i used to get the hcg as soon as it reaches the 18 mm... after three failure cycles of clomid .. i decided to take abreak i went for my next appointment and they scanned a 16.5mm follicle (naturally induced) i dont know if that' s a normal size indicating that ovulation will occure .. but my doctor did gave me the hcg shot on the second day.. he asked for a progestrone test on day 22 .. the results arrived back with 8.9 ng/ml.. due to the lab refrence this lies on the normal range but due to the researches i read a 10 or more is a strong indication that ovulation has occured . for me .. i do not believe that the 16.5mm was mature enough to be released even that i notice a very strong ovulation signs but i still cant believe that my follicle can grow enough without clomid help. i believe that my dr. gave it a try to double check that i was correctly diagnosed with PCOS by former doctors and to see how my body is working alone .. a 15mm seems to be too small to indicate mature follicle .. that's awesome to develope so many follicles from a 50mg clomid ,, you must be so sensitive to this medication.. wish u luck and keep us posted


acklyn - December 20

going to have 2nd ultrasound tomorrow cd13 hopefully atleast 2 of my follicles would have grown larger in size to atleast size 19mm - have my fingers crossed and praying for the 5th billion time that i would be blessed with a child or 2 this year.


aish - December 20

hi frnd i am little bit confused, my doctor never said she will give me trigger shot or 21 day progesterone check, i am so confused . tomorrow i have to start 150 mg clomid... and 14 day my U/S so do u think i shud say to my doctor about trigger shot or she knows better than me.


acklyn - December 21

just came from my 2nd ultrasound today cd13, 3 of my follicles have grown larger in size: 14mm,18mm and 18.5mm are the 3 larger ones- doctor thinks i should cancel iui till my next cycle because there is a high chance i can have triplets(i dont think this cycle or the next will make a difference-i'm already on the lowest dose of clomid50mg + next cycle i could have the same amount of follicles or More). I'm so uncertain, dh thinks triplets is too much(he already has 2 kids) BUT i'll rather have triplets than to lose the chance of having any at all. having 3 follicles ripen and drop doesn't mean they would all 3 get fertilized or that any wil for that matter, right? i am so confused between wanting a family/child of my own or canceling my cycle till the doctor is sure that there is no risk of triplets.
Your advice and support would be very welcomed.


Mary - December 21

Personally, I wouldn't give up a cycle/opportunity to conceive. The risks are MUCH higher for complications with triplets, but follow your gut instincts. You know, even if you do try this month, it might not happen, but at least you tried. And if you don't try, then you might have regrets. I suppose you should make this decision with dh though! :) lol! Good luck and please note that my opinions are based on my personal experience ( I don't o on my own or even with meds lately) so I would take any opportunity versus no opportunity!


Ann - December 21

acklyn, are you seeing a regular ob/gyn or a RE? The exact same thing happened to me last month, except like I told you, my follicles were really large. I am just working with my ob/gyn so far, and she was hesitant to do the iui. However, she contacted a RE and he said that the likelihood of triplets is less than 1%. I agree that you should consider the risks of and the possibility of triplets and make an informed choice. I went ahead with the iui, because 1% was a risk worth taking to me. BTW, my dh has a child too.


acklyn - December 22

did you get pregnant that cycle ann? if you did, how many babies did you conceive?


Ann - December 22

acklyn, I don't know yet if I conceived. I am in the horrible 2WW. I have a blood test scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 27, but I plan to take a hpt Xmas day. I will let you know!


kotkot - December 22

hey aklyn .. for me i will never miss this cycle .. yeah sometimes you may be more educated of your own body that your doctor .. the first time i got pregnant with clomid (ends with a miscarry) .. on that particular cycle the doctor insisted that nothing is gonna happen as he didnt notice any tremendouse growth in my follicle .. he adviced either to cancel this cycle or to take a higher dose ovulation induction shot in the same cycle not to miss it ( it was my cd12) and believe it or not i refused both of his plans and i also insisted to scheduale an appointment CD14 and believe it or not there was a healthy 18.5mm follicle and i fall pregnant.. so follow your own thoughts and believe me thos eggs will not be fertilized all .. we do have fertility problems and the chances are much less with us .. i really recommend to go for it .. wish u luck


Ann - December 27

Hi acklyn, to answer your question about if I conceived when I had the three good eggs, the answer is no...I found out today. Did you get your iui?


acklyn - December 27

hi ann. did my IUI procedure on cd16 christmas eve, was slightly painful - doc said my uterus was slightly curved . was prescribed prometruim 100mg(little pink balls to take vaginally -kind of gross) , though bloodwork showed that my progesterone level was fine. Doctor thinks I have a good chance of conceive this cycle being that dh sperm count was 100 mill after wash with 75% motility and that my egg quality is good. I Hope she is right


acklyn - December 27

sorry it didn't happen this cycle for you Ann,hopefully next cycle you would get that positive hpt/hcg. Did anyone experience cramping pain in the abdomen after taking the HCG trigger shot prior to iui? i took the hcg shot cd15 at 12:30am whereas i have been having cramps on my right ever since i took the shot, it is now cd19 and i am still receive pain on my right side - though inconsistently now.



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