Masturbation and fertility.....
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Allie - December 4

So, according to the OPKs I am supposed to ovulate today. Besides having a luteal phase defect, my most recent problem is that my hubby and I didn't have sex at all this week until today (O day), I was a little more than annoyed to find out (after the fact) that my darling husband "took care of business" a few hours before we had sex. I was very annoyed and irritated to find this out, because he is leaving for business tomorrow and this was our one golden opportunity to catch the egg perfectly. So, here's my question: what are the chanced that I can get pregnant since he already ejaculated 2-3 hours prior to sex? The amount of fluid was VERY minimal also, which is dicouraging. Just wondering if its still possible. I gotta start enforcing stricter rules about this. NO MASTURBATING FROM CD15-CD17!!!! Gosh, men just don't understand.....


Miette - December 4

I'm not a scientist, but everytime i get pregnant it is because my husband and I have sex non stop twice, sometimes three times a day for a month. that's all it takes. But when we only have sex a few times a month I've never gotten pregnant.


Kristi - December 4

I found this for you I hope it helps
Maturbation and fertility
5 October 2005 in Main & Infertility-General | Comments (2)
Masturbation is generally not physically harmful. Frequent masturbation does not reduce your sperm count nor does it affect your ability to achieve an erection. Younger men may be able to get an erection and ejaculate every day. But as men get older, their ability to achieve daily erections may decline. This is a factor of age and has nothing to do with the frequency of masturbation. Also, there is no evidence that masturbation frequency affects a man’s ability to produce sperm .


to miette from lori - December 4

I want to know more do you think i should have sex more than one time a day.



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