man troubles hes scared but wants 1 please help
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jjjjjjjj - April 23

my boyfriend and i decided we want a baby. but i seem to think he doesnt now or hes just scared. i asked him all the time to be sure and he always says yes. we hvae sex with no condom but when he comes he pulls out and i ask him why and him why and he won't talk to me but he says he does want a baby. is there anyway i can get pregnant from him doing that i mean the precum? and if so how can i get pregnant from that? we had been pregnant before but we decided on abortion and its hurt us ever since. is there certain days it would help more to have sex even though he pulls out please help


Milissa - April 23

Maken him isnt going to solve anything. and coming from some one who has had abortion, its not going to bring that baby are clearly not ready for a baby! and neither is he'



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