Male smoking marijuana have any affect?
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johnny pot smoker - September 16

smoking pot lowers the strength of ur sperm right well if u quit will they get stronger because somethings fucked


BB - September 16

it does go to any Male Infertility webiste and you will have your answer. and woman shouldnt smoke drink coffee or take drugs !


londan - September 28

dad did heavy drugs while he got a women pregnant does it effect the baby


ridiclous!!!! - September 29

dont have kids! you dont deserve tooo!!!!!!!!the mentality here is crazy!!!!!pot, drugs, the terminolgy for sex! it gets lowered, it is not safe and ok to get stoned, and why should a innocent baby have to go through with drawals!!!!!cause of your choices. being a pot smoker isnt as cool as some of you are making it out to be. teach your children its ok, do as i do, wow grow up loosers!


Proof - September 30

Well, This proves it! Smoking pot not only lowers your sperm count but it FRIES your brain! It lowers your sperm count for a reason..........


put it to rest - - September 30

Marijuana effects people differently. It can cause sprem issues, but in some people it doesn't. Why don't we agree and just say that "just in case", you should keep your body and mind in the best state it could be when trying to conceive. It is what is best for you and the baby during this time. It could possibly do harm to the sperm, but some are fine. When you go to your dr, he will want you to be in good health for the baby anyway and smoke is not something your partner should do around you during the pregnancy. You are an adult and you will both do what you think is best. Good luck conceiving.


tianna - September 30

look, everyone has their opinion, your brain is fried cause you have nothing better to say! it lowers spem count, do what ya want whatever!


Jewels1233 - July 12

I believe it decreases fertility in both genders...Both my husband and i smoke, and we are trying to have a baby and he has been checked and he is less fertile, as am i.


Jewels1233 - July 12

And as for all of you who clearly don't know anything about POT and think that it is dangerous to get stoned....Sorry but there is NO danger in getting high on the plant. p.s. ITS A PLANT nothin else!


NJ_HERBALS - February 17

first of all if anyone should answer it should a person who knows better details on this topic from a MALE VIEW ladies
1st soke all the canabis ya like doesnt hurt the sperm at all nor does it make a person to be a bad PARENT i know pleanty of families that have kids who love and respect their parents better and are closer with pot head parents and the kids chose not be smokers and all of which work hard and go to college and have very prfesional ways


Toscana - February 17

lol I soo don't believ this is true at all cuz I have friend her bf is a pt baby, hi mom smoked it with when she was preggo with him which is still soo bad but hes smoked it ALOT all his life and my friend is preggo and had no problems and is due March 3rd! Good luck to u!



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