Male smoking marijuana have any affect?
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K - June 6

Thank you so much V for a positive answer. I am not TTC at the moment but was just curious. My partner will stop when we do TTC but we're only 20 years old!


jesse - June 6

first of all it is a free world, and people can choose to answer how ever they choose, agreeing with it or not, doesnt mean they havent done anything in their life but are stating their opinion, maybe you need to mind your businesses and get a life yourself! sitting rolling some doobies doesnt exactly make you mother theresa! and giving such positivity on pot is just wonderful shows the kind of parents you people will make or are already


melissa - June 6

First of all Jesse, my child is 8 years old and in the 4th grade, she is very smart and most of that is because of me and the time I take with far a sitting home and rolling doobies allo day, well,I am a single parent, I am a business owner and Vice President of a firm so rolling doobies all day is NOT what I do..thank you. And yes you can reply with whatever you feel and that is simply what I was doing!!! So thanks for your reply I enjoyed it!! : 0


jesse - June 6

i have seen posts where you people tell teenagers how to concieve and when their ovulating, then responses to pot questions, where are your brains and morals, up your buts quite obviously!


jesse - June 6

and i am a mother of 3, single so dont act like your the first in creation deserving some applaud


K - June 6

I am sitting here wondering what you people dont get? I am NOT smoking marijuana. I am NOT TTC. And I do NOT have any kids. I am 20 years old. I am an adult. I can make my own choices. Is it wrong if someone with a a child has drank before? Exactly.


J. Michelle - June 7

K, you came on an "INFERTILITY" page and asked about sperm counts. I am going to automatically assume that you ARE ttc. I'm sure you're a responsible adult. But if he's planning on quitting marijuana when you start ttc, then why ask about sperm count?


Shaun - June 21

First of all K what he is smoking isnt natural , MARIJUANA IS, the shit the Indians smoked out of their peace pipe, but man has added all these toxic chemicals and stuff. Marijuana today is anything but natural.. and Karen u r so right. IF U GUYS WANNA BE BRAIN DEAD, u dont have the right to make ur children that way. and dont even tell me bout makes u feel better bout ur problems, i have TS and I smoked all through HS, and all it did was make my life more fucked up than it was.anyways i'm done here,this makes me sick


To Shaun - June 21

Good for you! Now are all of you done yet" its a free country and if we want to smoke we will smoke! And Yes it is the He** are you going to add chemicals to it.. its not cocain or meth...stupid some of you women are such prisses... listen K I'm sure this as been over along time now so just to let you know I have a 3 years old and we both smoke He was very healthy ( I did not smoke when I was pregnant so hold your breath prisses) My husband smokes and we still had a Yes It can lower his sperm but you really have to amoke a lot! Like maybe when we were teens" ; )


to the immaturity here - June 21

wow give yourself an appluad people who live healthy lifestyles cant get pregnant you smoke it up, and boom have a family, doesnt matter it was before and not during still affects it, check your childs brain when he is in school bet it will have adht or a disorder of learning!


and - June 21

its a free country if we choose to be against smoking!


For your info - June 21

My son is too smart!! he's three and I have him in school he talk's great! and can count to 10 and say is abc...He started walking at 9 months potty trained at 2 years next time you throw stones think before you speek chic!! drop it" and get over it..your right it is a free never mind!


Lisa - June 21

It's absolutely true. As with any drug-pregnancy interaction, sometimes it will have an affect, others it won't. However there are medical studies to back it up. If you are TTC... have him at the very least, cut back for a few months.


shut up - June 21

anyone can say they are so smart are ya gonna admit your mistakes make yuor child a certain way, you drop it you are ridiculous condoning drug use. teach that to your child hey drugs are good its all nature pot is smart, wow real ideal parent when he gets older.


think about it - June 21

would you let your child smoke pot? they might as well be if you do it, specially when ttc. something to think about!!


agree - June 21

that is a very smart response.



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