Male smoking marijuana have any affect?
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K - June 2

Is it true that if your parter smokes alot of marijuana, it is hard to get pregnant because it lowers his sperm count?


Kelly - June 2

I do not believe it does. I have known too many males in the past to get girls preggo who smoke marijuana.


K - June 2

True! Maybe it's just a myth..


Jill - June 3

I have read about how smoking anything can reduce sperm motility. I don't know about sperm count.


karen - June 3

I know this isn't what you're looking for, but I don't know if bringing a baby into an environment where one of the parents smokes a lot of marijuana is the smartest thing to do.


K - June 4

Ok thanks for your replies and your opinions. But if I'm not the one smoking then whats the problem. It's natural


Jill - June 5

The problem is this guy is trying to be a father and he's doing pot. That just isn't being responsible, which means that it isn't right to bring a child into that home, no matter which one of you is smoking it. What will happen when your water breaks and he's stoned out of his head? And honey, just because it came out of the ground does not mean it's natural.


karen - June 5

Well said, Jill. Couldn't have said it better myself.


g - June 5

what is motilty? Is that what I lack when I'm stoned out of my head?


anon - June 5

Ok people, K wasn't asking if it was right to smoke up or not, she was only asking about possible lowered sperm count. Just answer the question asked, don't try to impose beliefs on people.


K - June 5

Thanks Anon. I never said I was TTC right now. All I did was ask because I heard of it. I never explained my situation, and I never said my partner gets "stoned out of his head."


anon - June 5

No problem K! Don't worry about what these other people are talking about with regards to smoking up & ttc...they don't know what they're talking about. I've known men who smoke up & have gotten their girlfriends or wives pregnant. For that matter I've known women who also smoke up & have gotten pregnant. I've heard that pot lowers sperm count or makes sperm lazy, but I don't think that's necessarily the case. And by the way, I agree, pot is a natural is a plant! ;-)


you know - June 5

not for nohing here, but to condone a drug, natural or not, it doesnt make it ok, they say dont smoke, drink, etc when trying to conceive or are pregnant male or female precautions on both ends! nobody is tryong to instill their beliefs but speaking like a person who is mature enough to have a family would be the right thing to do, rather then okaying something that isnt so called safe! and with all these ladies here trying everything in their power to get pregnant, it is the ones who smoke and do whatever even when pregnant that have them! amazing!


K - June 6

I dont smoke pot. And I am not TTC. It was a simple question. Thanks for all your input.


melissa - June 6

For all the HOLY ROLLERS in here......worry about yourself and your baby making......she was asking a question, not what your 2 cents are. And I'm sure you have never done anything wrong in your whole life,right??...who are you to judge anyone on what they do, GOD you sound like my mother!! Get a life, sounds like YOU need to smoke a doobie, or for as up tight as you sound maybe you should go smoke a blunt!! Melissa


v - June 6

It is possible that smoking anything can reduce the males sperm motility,morphology,and the sperm count. I have done alot of research on this because my husband and I are ttc, and even though he does not smoke anything, and is not an alcohol abuser, his sperm analysis came back on the very low end of being in the "normal" bracket as far as count and motility. So I would suggest,if you do try, ask your partner to quit to raise your chanes of getting pregnant sooner. On the other hand, I do know of a man who did smoke pot and fathered 5 children and they all came out very healthy.So take that for what it's worth. I would suggest that if you do try, and he continues to smoke pot, and your having difficulties getting pregnant, that may be one of the reasons.


K - June 6

Thank you so much V for a positive answer. I am not TTC at the moment but was just curious. My partner will stop when we do TTC but we're only 20 years old!



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