male of female IVF/IUI question
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sal - November 14

Hi all just a question about IVF or IUI. is there any info regarding the % of where the problem lies. Is there more chance of IVF/IUI succeding if the woman is ok and the man has fertility problems or does it not matter. My DH has v low sperm and I am ok. will this make treatment easier or does it not make no difference at all. Sorry about spelling i am just learning english. Thank u and best of luck to you ladies XX


isa - November 14

IUI is used when there are sperm issues but he still must have a certain number of sperm for it to work and certain motility. If he has almost no sperm than IVF is a better way to go as they can also do icsi which is putting the sperm right into the egg. A littel more money but they fertilize it for you and then put it back inside you. The biggest factor then is price. Where I live its about $400 plus meds vs $6000 plus meds. Talk to the doctors in your area and see which is best. Since you have not said what his counts and motility are I cant help you any further. I was told sperm should be 2million or more (after washing) for iui to work, some clinics wont due it unless its 5 million or more (this is after washing). I'm not sure what the motility needs to be. IVF chances are much higher but its the cost factor that keeps most people from being able to afford it. Most try IUI first for a few times and if it doesnt work then go to IVF if they can afford it. Good luck


sal - November 14

thank you very much for your reply Isa


Justine - November 14

Sal - I did ICSI because my DH had low count, low motility and low morphology - alI my results were fine. It worked first-time and I've just given birth to a baby girl. I've heard of a lot of women who are fine but have male subfertility and it often works first-time for them it seems. Good luck.



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