Male Infertility
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Help - October 4

My husband has no motility in his sperm according to an initial sperm analysis. He has been recommended to a Urologist. What does it mean when there is no motility? My husband took the sample at home then took it for the analysis. Could that be the problem also?


Justine - October 4

I'm not 100% sure of this but I think no motility means none of the sperm are moving. Sperm need to move towards an egg to be capable of fertilising it. You normally can do samples at home but have to take it in within an hour or so and keep it at a certain temperature (body temp maybe). It's better to do the test at the doctors/hospital. Maybe you should ask to be restested at the doctors/hospital to check the result is right as its rare to have no motility. If it zero or low then you need to see a fertility specialist who will advise you what is possible. I did IVF with ICSI (IVF with sperm injected into eggs) as we had male fertiity issues to get pregnant and I think they said only need 100 or so motile sperm for that so maybe that's an option if the problem is not correctable by surgery (only about 10% of male problems are I think). Hope things work out for you.


Julie - October 5

My husband just found out that his results came back at 70% which it should be around 20%. My dr. first question was how long did it take him to get from home to the lab to drop it off? It took him almost 50 minutes, which she said was way too long. So he also needs to retest right there. She said everything else is totally fine with him so she's pretty sure that's the reason for that percentage... Have him get restested!!!



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