Male hormones possibly low in DH....
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maknyle - February 9

We are waiting on test results for a hormone test that my DH had because of low count....very low. If it is low hormones then does anyone know what the procedures will be? Will raising hormone levels help with sperm count?


bump - February 10

I'm interested to know this too as dh has low count also low motility


Mega - February 10

I don't know much about this myself, although we're dealing with male issues (low morphology) as well as my PCOS. So I did a google search & found a wonderful site, lots of really good info...
Again, if it adds -'s just remove them & the link should work. HTH!!!


Leilani14 - February 10

I'll try to answer as good as I can, I'm no expert. As far as I know they measure two hormones FSH and testosterone. FSH is a hormone that gets converted into testosterone in testes. If FSH and testosterone is low sometimes dr.s prescribe clomid to boast production of FSH and in theory that should incerase natural production of testosterone. If FSH is normal or high, but testosterone is low that indicates a testicular failure and pretty much nothing can be done. Injections of testosterone don't help because that signals the brain thet there is evough testosterone and natural production slows down even more and it could shut down testise completely. There is a relation between low count and low testosterone, but it doesn't need to be the case always. Take care.


maknyle - February 10

Well, the dr. got back with us, and it is not a hormone issue. Now they are going to schedule an ultrasound. I assume that they are just looking for any obvious deformities or obvious signs. Anyone? Have any of you used IUI with such low sperm counts and been successful? I don't think that we can afford IVF which is what the urologist mentioned casually as he explained some of the steps that he would take.


Chas - February 13

maknyle, if you don't mind me asking, what was the count ?


maknyle - February 13

Chas-I am actually on your thread "male factor." I just started actually logging in. I use EMM. I was checking out other areas of the forum, and it required a login. Anyway, the count is only 2 million. I think one of the other ladies on your thread suggested some vitamins and supplements. We are going to start trying those this weekend. We have a child already, and I just don't understand. I have been reading up on the IUI, and it seems that most require 10 million. I just don't know if vitamins and supplements alone can do it. I am just so confused about the whole thing!


Chas - February 13

okay, yeah I have read some of your other posts. I know the whole thing can be so confusing. I am thinking about calling my doc back and asking what dh's motility was. The only thing he told me the number on was the count. Although, I didn't ask the rest.. because he said everything else was normal, but I am still curious. I am on my 2ww right now and I think we hit all the right days, so if it doesn't happen this month I am going to set up the urology appt for him.
I am just praying that this is our month!
That is really strange that you have a child already, then you should be able to conceive again. Has your dh had any big life style changes or anything like that , that may affect it ?


makynle - February 14

No he hasn't had any lifestyle changes, Chas. It is just crazy. In fact, we take much better care of ourselves now than when we got pregnant. He makes jokes that we out to start drinking more and smoking again. Yeah I don't know what the motility or morphology is either, but with the count being so low....does it matter? He is going to start taking vitamins. The dr. didn't say anything about them, but we are going to try everything that we can. We are still waiting on the appointment for the ultrasound. It has been over a week now since he told my DH that he would be setting it up. Good luck to you during the tww. Keep me posted!



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