male fertility tests (store bought) do they work?
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jen - April 23

Hello, my bf and I have been talking about getting pregnant for awhile and have been like whatever happens happens. Well every month i think i'm pregnant and i'm not. this month i might be (long story) but...if i'm not we decided we're going to actively start trying. so i'm going to get an ovulation test. but when i was looking at them at the store i saw one for men. has anyone used these? if so, do they work?


milissa - April 23

I did not even know there was such a thing???? I realy don't know jen.. good luck and hey let us KNOW..


jen - April 23

I didnt either. From the directions it says the male puts his sperm in the cup and you have to put something in it and then you drop it on to the tester and it reads the sperm count.


Claire - April 24

I think they tell you the sperm count (how many sperm there are) but not the motility or the morphology (how many of normal shape). Motility (Speed they can swim at) is the strongest predictor of male fetility. You need all three results to tell male fertility. It's no use having a high count if none of the sperm can swim for example because none of the sperm will be able reach the egg. It may give you some idea but it's much better to go to the doctor and get them to do a hospital sperm test. You should definately get the man checked out though - half the time there's male problem. You may just have not been trying for long enough - 2 years is the critical point although 85% of people get pregnant in their first year of trying.



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