Male Factor Sucess?
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Bless - August 30

Anyone have male factor as an issue with sucess stories?


Bless - September 1



slowpoke01 - September 2

bless so sorry that i cant help you that much i had a male factor and we used a donor and i just got a + on the 24th. i did clomid iui and hcg trigger shot and follicle monitoring. i know that wasnt what you were looking for because you probably arent going to use a donor. also if you do iui the chances are better for you with male factor. if you havent looked into iui you may want to ask your doc about it. good luck


Bless - September 2

Thanks. no i wont be using a donor, and our dr told us that 7 million count was to low for IUI. not sure how true this is... im just losing all hope, i dont have the money for IVF



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