Male Factor Infertility
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Louise - March 31

My husband was tested about 2 1/2 years ago. He has a very low sperm count ( about 2.5 million ) and there was no motility. I have always been very regular but at the moment I am 21/2 weeks late. I was pregnant once before about 11 years ago and honestly do not remember any of my symptoms, just that i had a pos preg test before AF was even due. I have taken 2 HPT and both were neg. I have an appointment next week with my doc to do some bloodwork and make sure i am ok. Does anyone know anyone that still got pregnant with male factor probs as bad as mine? Would love another baby and am praying for a miracle!! Thank you


Da Bishop - April 4

I don't have an answer, but, a question. What did your husband do to boost up his sperm count? E-mail me at [email protected]



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