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whynotme - July 19

I have been around for a few months now and was wondering if any ladies out there had/has male factor infertility? I am wondering because dh has had 3 s/a's and all came back "0" (zilch). They said that he could have a testicular biopsy, but it might not change anything. So dh and I opted to turn to a donor (which was a great decision we made together). However, lately I have been thinking "what if he had the surgery and he did have a blockage of some sorts?". I hate the what if's!! Now am thinking that our insurance company will pay for the procedure, so why don't we do it? Has anyone else been in this situation before. Please tell me your outcomes.


Shauna - July 19

Hi WHYNOT ME...I sort of have the same situation. My DH had 11 m/ml so he had ultrasound and found a varicele (varicose vein in his scrotum) and they remove it. We are now a 1 1/2 months away from his post surgery SA to see what his #s are. GL with your decision. We wanted one together so it was important to have my egg(s) and his sperm.


slowpoke01 - July 20

whynotme i have talked to you before on another you know i am using a donor and it is good in a way because it does take alot of stress off of dh but it puts alot on dh refussed to have a s/a after all my tests came back fine so that is why we are using a donor..if he had went to the doctor then maybe we would have done things differently but maybe doctor said that he thought we made the right choice because couples with a male factor usually think that they can fix the problem and even after they spend all this money and time doing tests and surgeries or vitamins and stuff that they usually end up where i am at right now and that is using a donor. he said that once you have a male problem it can improve but there is still not a guarantee that it will improve enough and with a donor they screen them and they have confirmed fertility so you know that your chances are good so if you would like to talk my email is [email protected] and i will try to help as much as i can



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