making life more stress free
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Maren - March 11

My dh and I have been trying for a year. We have also moved into our first house this year. And, we work crazy hours. I am a college prof. and work at the art museum and my husband is in grad school and also works at the university. While we love what we do, and say that we will cut back when we have a baby, I wonder if the stresses of living crazy is making it hard to have a baby. I keep thinking if I made more time for myself, excercise etc, lived like we were expecting a baby it may happen quicker. I think we really are ready for a baby but we would need to restructure our lives. I just wasn't planning on doing that until we could get pregnant. I got tested and am ok. My dh gets tested the 24th.


kate - March 12

i have been charting for months- and my cycles been fine. this month has been so stressful- buying/selling houses, work etc! this months chart has shown no ovulation! its shown me how important it is to take time out and destress! hope that helps xxx


Maren - March 12

I went walking this morning. I am going to try and take more time for myself. I had myself checked last month and I did ovulate. But, I wonder if stress can disrupt your ability to keep the pregnancy. I am not super stressed out just really busy. Of course stress effects my husband as well. I don't know. We just started using the ovulation predictors and have been trying too early. We are going to keep using them and hope it helps. Good luck to you kate!



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