lutheal phase
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hara2326 - July 24

me and my fianee have been tryin to get pregnant for the last 3-4 mths with no success been trying to figure out when i ovulate but i dont know how many days are in my lutheal phase and this is really stressing me out. i dont how to calculate my lutheal phase days if i knew that then i would know exactly when i ovulate if anyone knows how to track your luethal phase pleeease let me know.


Tracy88 - July 24

Have you bought ovulation predictor tests yet from your local drug store? Knowing when you ovulate will help you track your luteal phase. Temping works too, but I don't temp, so hopefully some other girls will write and tell you what to do and what to look for. I just know that when you temp, you should still do the predictor tests. The tests also let you know when you are about to ovulate, so you can get the nookie in at just the right time. Good luck.


whynotme - July 24

hara, your luteal phase starts the day after you ovulate until the day before the first day of your period. Most women with a typical 28 day cycle ovulate on day 14 and the luteal phase would be 14 days. First determine how long your cycles and start from there. I would also recommend using the OPK's. They will help you predict your LH surge day and you will ovulate the day after the surge. Good luck!



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