luteal phase too long cycles keep shifting?
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unluckylady - March 3

for the past 2 months i have been staying away from forums as i was getting too obsessed. i have irregular cycles every 3 months. they like to change every 3 cycles and can range from 22-50 days i have noticed. last month was changeover month again and my cycle went from 31 days to 40-42 i think i was 11 days late and thought i was pregnant but i wasnt. now this month it appears it has done it again skipped past 31 so im guessing it will be 42 again. the problem is i have been using basal body temperature and i had a thermal shift on day 21 like last month it was exactly the same but my luteal phase last month was 20 days how could this be? i did the same thing again took my temp on cd 21 and it was 35.7 then i took it the next day and it was 36.5 the highest its been in ages. then i took it a few days later and it was 36.7. i was porly all valentines week i was in bed with a chest infection and only just recoverd and stopped coughing the end of last week. could these mad temperatures be due to me being ill and could this delay menstruation or given me this weird temp drop. i havnt been activly trying this month but i took a pregnancy test on wednesday the 1st and it was negative have i taken the test too early when my period was due yesterday. i am so confused!!!!! i have been getting diahorrea and cramps but no positive test and no period i definatly feel like im going to come on in the next few days but its just not happening. i have no pregnancy signs i just have occasional cramps and sore boobs last night they were so sore i couldnt sleep without a bra on. i have no idea whats going on and somebodys input would be lovely. i have had no pms this week do you think this is because i am irregular and my cycle date has changed yet again? so i should be due 12th march seeing as my last period was the 1st of feb. is it possible to have a luteal phase so long?


Mega - March 3

Hi. Your higher than typical temps could be caused by the chest infection. That'a strong possiblity really. But right now you are too early to test + if AF isn't due til March 12th. So the sore bbs could definitely be a good sign though. Try to hold off testing again though til at least Thurs./Friday of next week. Easier said than done, I know. :) Have you seen a dr yet regarding your extremely long, irregular cycles? Have you tried any meds yet, or are you just on a needed TTC break? Hang in there. It gets so confusing sometimes!


unluckylady - March 4

no my period was supposed to be due on the 2nd but i am thinking my cycles have shifted again and now they have gone up to 41 days. i came off depo provera 23 months ago and as far as i know im ovulating but..... i havnt been activly trying for 2 months because i was getting so stressed out. my bbs started getting sore around 4 days ago and i thought it was due to pms but i havnt had my period and im getting an ovulation type pain but stronger to 1 side and i have gas but no mood swings or anything i am just a little confused. yes my doctor said my body was regulating itslef after depo povera and its better to do it naturally than hormonally. but its 23 months now and i havnt ever been im getting a little worried. i have no signs but i have some tests and planning to use them soon if i am still feeling the same. my cycles started off irregular every month when i came off depo provera and they didnt come back til 6 months after i stopped it. then after another 6 months of irregularity they started getting regular but only 3 months in a row then it would change again. they started off at 22 and have been climbing ever since now its 42 i have no idea why my body is doing this i am taking evening primrose oil to try help it.



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