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Rachel - October 5

Hello, I have asked this ? before but since there are always newcomers I would try again as last time there wasn't a single person with the same problem as me. I found out my SIL had the same issue but she can't remember what her ob/gyn told her it was...
I have a 29 day cyle. Somewhere between CD 24 and CD 26 I will have very light brown spotting. It only happens on one day and then on CD 29 I get a/f. Anybody else ever have that happen to them? My doc thinks low progesterone is the culprit but she is only a GP and has done no tests. I am ttc on month #4 now. I'm hoping someone here has had this problem and know what it is for sure.


Toni - October 5

The low progesterone would be my guess also. I have that spotting too and a history with low prog. The spotting may indicate a short luteal phase. I would have a prog test done asap. For all you know you could be fertilizing an egg everytime but not able to sustain it. I am on vaginal supps and prometrium. Definitely check it out and good luck!!


Rachel - October 6

Thansk Toni. That is exactly what ticks me off about the whole GP won't send me to an ob/gyn or test me for progesterone levels. She feels that is it post-BCP syndrome and that my body will regulate itself in time, I have been off BCP since not like it was last month. I've had the spotting for 3 months now and based on OPK's and CM I do ovulate on CD15 so the luteal phase is still 14 days long...
So in essence I feel like I'm losing a baby month after month. I'll go bacl to see her in 3 months if the potting continues and then I will pressure for her to get my progesterone levels tested. Also, my BBT temps are relatively low (just above coverline) which to me can indicate low progesterone levels. Does the natural cream work? Are you ttc with first baby? When did they finally check your prog levels? In canada, you must be referred to an ob/gyn so that extra step getting past the GP makes it all that more annoying and a longer wait...


Ericka - October 6

Hi Rachel. I have spotting every cycle before af. I usually have about a 35 day cycle with a 12 day luteal phase. Around 9 or 10 dpo I start spotting. Very light at first and then it gets heavier until af comes. I haven't gone to the dr. yet, but if I am not pregnant this month I plan to go next month.


Toni - October 6

Rachel, your luteal phase may be fine. I found out that my prog. level was low after I found out I was pregnant with my first child (I have two now). That is terrible that you just can't go to a gyn/ob! I would def. pressure the other dr or find another one who will refer you. You need all the facts. I have never tried the creams, but it couldn't hurt while you are waiting to get your test. Even if it's not a short luteal phase, the prog. helps you maintain a pregnancy esp during the first 3 months. Good luck and keep us posted!


Jen - October 12

Rachel, I am not exactly sure of the days, because of the spotting I never knew when to start CD1. I also spot before I get a/f. I didn't find out I had low progesterone until I found out I was pregnant and I spotted for 4 weeks straight. I was put on progesterone suppositories but at 6 weeks I m/c. I'm telling you this so that you can do something before its too late. I wonder now if I was just delaying a m/c. I have heard that if you take prog. after ovulation then it can be of some help. Good luck. I now have to wait 3 months to try again. I plan on having my prog checked on CD23 after a normal cycle.


Leonna - October 23

Hi ladies,

I was googling luteal phases and this came up. I belong to a chat at and was sharing how I had spotted the week before AF. I feel like this is happens almost every month and did when I was on BCP. My doctor knew of this but never mentioned anything to me about it. I'm upset b/c one of the women on the site told me that my spotting could be low prog and now I'm freaking out. How long does it take to test? Would this come out in a regular blood test or is it something that has to be looked for?


KG - October 24

Hi ladies...I also spot for a few days before AF comes. Most of the time it is about 3 days of spotting - usually just went I wipe - then I finally start AF....hopefully not TMI, but do any of you actually have like pieces of lining or something come out during your spotting phases?? sorry ;-)


LG - October 27

Hello. I've been spotting brown for 4/5 days before my period for over a year. Following the spotting, I have a normal period for about 3/4 days. I do have clots with the spotting. gross :>( This is my first month on clomid and progesterone suppositories. I'll let you know how it goes.


Kathy G - October 27

This is a response to KG, I have the same issues every month with my cycle. Had a m/c last year and every since that I have spotting issues. I have had every test done to mankind and thankfully nothing is wrong with me so they say, It is unexpained, my levels are above normal, but haven't been able to concieve again since last year. So I felt it was a short Luteal Phase, talked to my doc, he put me on natural progestrone even thought my levels are above what they should be to see if that would help, it did help with the spotting, but no luck with preg. I also take 300mlg of B-6 daily which is suppose to help in the LP definceny. I have one child now and feel maybe that is what I am suppose to have kind of Gods Way. Anyway Good Luck


stella - October 27

I have spotting before AF-usually just one day before sometimes 2 days before AF..then AF starts. I have regular 28 day cylces. but never had the spotting until TTC. Went off BCP in Jan. 2005. My Dr. said this is not a concern (3m ago)now it has been 6months TTC.I have a Normal LP length. I am going to a new Dr nov. 3. Has anyone tried fertility blend herbal supplement?


LG - November 4

How's everyone doing? Here's my update...12 DP IUI, 10/24 started progesterone and NO SPOTTING so far. Push the doctors if you think you have a problem. It's not normal to bleed 3/4 days before AF. My thoughts are with you all. Baby Dust!!!


phyllisarcher01 - October 8

I have the same problem. I have been charting my temps and recording my symptoms on (this is a great site). I have noticed in the middle of my luteal phase I have some spotting for about 2-3 days. I have read online that this could be low progesterone. I have an appointment with my OB on 11/10/08. I have been trying to conceive for about 5 months now. I will let you know what my doctor says. My advice to you would be to demand some tests to be ordered. Everthing I have read online says to see a physician in you have luteal phase bleeding. I know your frustration when someone tells you to wait it out when you are trying to get pregnant, it is not that easy to do. Tell your doctor that something is wrong and you want to find out what it is sooner rather than later. Most insurance companies do not require you to be referred to your OBGYN. You can set up an appointment with them on your own, it does not have to go through your PCP. Good luck!


elliemae - October 8

rachel, haven't had this problem sorry but low progesterone might be a problem. See if you can get tested. I would rule it out if nothing else.


andrea71 - October 10

Hey Rachel, my story sounds very similar to yours! I was on the pill for about 4 1/2 years which I stopped taking since March because we decided to try for a baby. Well, I also have a 29 day cycle and since around July I started spotting from day 20 all the way till a/f. My last visit to gyn was day 14 last month and from an ultrasound he made sure I am ovulating normally. He thinks its probably low progesterone so he asked me to have a test on day 21, which will be next Monday. I have also taken some more tests on day 3 which all seem to be normal. I will keep you posted, however my advise is that you should definitely press your gp for a gyn referral...



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