Luteal Phase Deficiency
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Longing4Baby - January 29

I have been off of BC for 13 (going on 14) mos. now and my husband and I have not been able to conceive, despite strenuous efforts. I have tried every position reccommended, triedtiming intercourse around my Basal Body Temp., have been using Progesterone creme, and have been using Ovu. pred. kits. The ovulation pred. kits have revealed that I am ovulating on day 16 of my 28 day cycle. The research i have done says that this does not allow enough time for the egg to implant in the uterus and that this was called luteal phase deficiency. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know treatments or what to expect from this. My doctor has seemed to lose concern since the initial hormone tests she ran came back normal. My husband and I desperately want a child, please offer any advice anyone has! Thanks!


Interested - January 29

Hi, since having read your message, I went on the net and read up a bit about luteal phase def. I was curious, because I have also been trying a couple of years to conceive, no luck. I did notice that the luteal phase def therefore does not prevent you from conceiving, but it results in miscarriage. You did not mention that you have miscarried yet? So maybe this is not where your problem lies? I don't know, but don't limit your research only to this because you believe this to be your problem, in consequently you could be overlooking other problems. With me, my problem is Endometriosis. It has been cleared 3 months ago, and I have kept trying, but I keep researching absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible to try and find my problem. Not sure yet what it could be. But all the best of luck to you, we are experiencing the same kind of frustrations and I know exactly how you must be feeling. Hang in there, it will happen for us too! :-)


Lucy - January 31

Buy the book Taking Charge of your Fertility. I found it very helpful. Still haven't conceived yet.......but check it out.


Longing4Baby - February 1

Thanks for the responses so far! I have already read Taking Charge of Your Fertility (it is what clued me in to the possibilty of LPD). I have also read The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally...I've decided to try to get my doctor to refer me to a fertility specialist...Also, I would like to be checked for Endometriosis. Does anyone know if my regular OBGYN does this or if a fertility specialist does this? Thanks again!


lucy - February 1

have you heard of prometrium?


Longing4Baby - February 2

no, never heard of prometrium...what is this?


lucy - February 2

Found this on internet - Prometrium is basically progesterone in a tablet. Used during the luteal phase of the cycle if the body's own supply of natural progesterone is insufficient. Progesterone prepares the uterus to receive a fertilized egg for implantation and then acts to maintain the corpus luteum during pregnancy. Not sure if this will help you or not?? My doctor has given it to me....haven't started taking it yet.


VS - February 27

Hi, I am also going through the same problem as mentioned by Longing4Baby.. BTW did u find any solution..curious to know so that i can adhere to it.. please let me know


Jessica - May 13

I have the same thing. After getting a second opinion (my first doc didn't seem to think this was a problem), I am now taking a more aggressive approach. My doc had me take Clomid this last cycle, which induces ovulation. Normally, my cycle is 27 or 28 days, and I ovulate around day 18. I had read about LPD in "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" so I asked about it. Sure enough, I took an OPK (ovulation perdictor kit) and I ovulated right on day 14. You might want to research Clomid (I did). It's been around a long time, it's safe, has few side effects and is inexpensive. However, one common side effect is to dry up your cervical fluid, which is crucial for transporting the sperm to the egg. This happened to me, but an easy cure is to add estrogen around day 10. Haven't tried it yet, but will this next cycle. Also, if you've been off the pill or have been trying for at least a year without success, I'd take a really aggressive approach. I would recommend having a full infertility workup, which includes an HSG (where they inject dye into your fallopean tubes then take X-rays to determine if there's a blockage). If you haven't had an HSG, you should start there because if you have clogged tubes, then nothing will work until they've been cleared. You husband should have had a semen analysis too. Another thing that's kind of controversial (many docs say it's an antiquated practice) is a post-coital exam. That's where you use an OPK to determine when you ovulate, you and your partner have intercourse then the doc takes a sample of your cervical fluid and his sperm and looks at it under a microscope. This is to determine if your fluids are compatable. It could be that your fluid is making antibodies to reject his sperm. If that's the case, you do artificial insemination (not in-vitro). This is pretty inexpensive and can be done at most doctor's ofices. I've been trying for 10 mos, and the hardest part is watching everyone around me get pregnant-most of them say they weren't even trying. Good luck!


stacey - May 13

Hi, I am curious b/c I was under the impression that it would only be a bad thing to have an L phase of 10 days or less. I thought 12 days would be ok. I had a m/c in Jan, and since then my whole cycle has been crazy- 1st cycle 40 days, 10 day LP, 2nd cycle 36 days and 14 day LP, this cycle on day 30 and nothing- no O yet :(! I should probably see a dr. about this!



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