Luteal Phase Defect.. ANYONE?
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Christina - October 31

i was wondering if anyone has LPD. I have had 2 miscarriages and the dr. told me that this is the defect that i have. it is fairly easy to correct with the use of pregesterone supositories (sp?) but i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has had a healthy term pregnancy... THANKS for any input..


T - October 31

I think clomid is also used for that. I don't know how that works though.


Jane - November 1

I believe that this is a very easily treated condition. I have heard of a number of woman who begin progesterone treatment for this reasons and become pregnant very shortly afterwards. Having LPD means there isn't enough time for the embryo to implant - progesterone will lengthen the luteal phase which will provide the embryo with the most favorable conditions in which to implant. Good Luck!


Christina - November 1

Thank You! i start in a week and i am praying that i have a healthy baby to look at afterwqrds!! i've had 2 miscarriages... thanks for the input



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