Luteal Phase - too short?
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Ksg - November 1

Hi, We have one 18-month old that we conceived naturally, and are now trying to get pregnant with our second.

It happened very quickly the first time, but we have been trying for 4 months this time with no luck yet.
I am using an ovulation predictor kit, and I notice a dark line on Day 16 or 17 of my 28-day cycle. But I read online that a luteal phase is supposed to last 12-16 days. My dark line would indicate ovulation around Day 18 or 19, giving only 9-10 days for the luteal phase. Could this be a problem, and if so, how did I conceive the first time? Thanks!


/ - November 1



Toni - November 1

You should have at least 10 days after o before any spotting or af. If not, then you could have a short luteal phase. Progesterone should help. Ask for supps. It can't hurt anything.


Nans - November 1

Having a short LP could be the reason for not getting pg. Having LP shorter than 10 days is not good for TTC. they say taking vitamin b6 could help lengthen your LP.


christina - November 1

hi, i have luteal phase defect. i've had 2 miscarriages and the dr. told me that i need to take vaginal suppositories when i ovulate all the way till 10 weeks pregnant. it is not hard for me to become pregnant but to sustain my pregnancies. maybe u should talk to ur dr. and ask if u need to be on progesterone suppositories (sp?) and maybe clomid to make u have a "normal" cycle.-


ksg - November 3

Thank you all for your responses. I am going to talk with my obgyn.



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