Luteal phase....?
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Lena - January 7

Hey, everyone. I have been absent from this site for a couple of months, and I really miss it!!! I have been charting my temperature for the last 6 months. My question is: Does anyone have a luteal phase of only 10 days? And gotten pregnant?


dea - January 7

LENA- that's REALLY short. It doesn't give a fertilized egg anough time to implant. I would absolutely talk to a dr. about that. I think the minimum luteal phase needed for healthy implantation is 12 days. Hope this helps. Oh! Are you SURE about when your O-ing??? That can mess with the length you think your luteal phase is. Good Luck.


joannie - January 7

I had a luteal phase of just 9 days and got pregnant with my third child. I know that it was 9 days because I was seeing a specialist for it. So it is possible to a have a normal healthy pregnancy.


Lena - January 8

Dea- yes, I am sure! Unfortunately!
Joannie- Thank you for your encouraging words. I have read many articles and most say a luteal phase less than 10 days is extremely hard to get pregnant. I guess the articles never featured you!



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