Lupron treatments
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bambina - March 17

Has anyone ever received Lupron Shots to treat endomytriosis? Did you get any side effects and how easily were you able to get pregnant after your last shot? I was on Lupron for 6 months and had two surgeries for cysts endomytriosis. The shots basically thwarted my body into a kind of early menopause with hot flashes and mood swings, no period, weight gain, etc. I learned that Lupron was also used for men with prostate cancer. My Dr. never really explained much about it - only that it would decrease the chance of the endomytriosis from progressing and getting worse. Later on, a good year after my last shot he informed me (only after I asked) that it was unlikely that I would get pregnant for about 18 months after my last shot because my body was not back to ovulating regularly. Shouldn't Dr.s inform you of these things - especially when your main concern is and always has been being able to have a child? Don't Dr.s usually at least give you a pamphelt? And the worse thing was, I looked up Lupron on the internet before receiving the treatment.... not one site mentioned the fact that you completely STOP ovulating while being treated with Lupron. They actually stated chances of conceiving were actually greater on the shot. How completely misguiding.


karen - March 17

i do not think it takes that long for your body to get back on track but i did hear that lupron does "shut down" your ovaries--so no-you do not ovulate. but since i may also have endo does anyone knew the answers to this because it does seem that some doctors do not give us the full picture of the situation we are in .


Ann - March 17

bambina, I also have/had endo (had surgery). The dr told me she gives Lupron to people if they are not ttc at the time, but I do know if the endo is really bad you have to take it anyway sometimes. Have you been working with a RE or just a regular ob/gyn? If you are not working with a RE, I would make an appt with one immediately. They are better equipped to deal with endo in conjunction with ttc issues. Good luck!


bj - March 17

Hi, bambina. I just finished my round of clomid. I had to take them because I have stage 4 endo. I have a friend that was on them and got pregnant just a few months after, so you never know. She was also given some type of pills after her shots, so I'm sure that helped. Is your doctor giving you anything? I go back in on the 20th to see what our next step is. I hope the best for you.


bj - March 17

Sorry, I meant lupron, not clomid.


Angie - March 17

Hello, bambina. I had one Lupron shot 3 and a half weeks prior to the laparoscopy. I had stage III endometriosis. Fortunately my RE could removed all the endoes and that was it. I have not had any more Lupron shots. I had the same kinds of side effects. I hated it so bad. But now I got my normal cycle back and feel normal. We are going for IUI this cycle. By the way, I heard that after laparoscopy the pregnancy rate goes up, nbot Lupron shot. But I think that the presence of endometriosis is bad for fertility. GOod luck.



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