Lupron for cysts?
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soimpatient - September 29

My doctor said that if my cyst doesn't disappear within two weeks I will have to start taking lupron...has anyone else had a positive result from taking lupron...everywhere I look it says that lupron is for endometriosis and fibroids. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


soimpatient - September 30

Has anyone been on Lupron?


isa - September 30

I'm on lupron for suppression before my ivf but sorry I dont know what it does for cysts. I"ve heard of bcp's for cysts. I just waited my cysts out a month with no fert. meds and mine went away on their own.


nikki2204 - October 2

Lupron does supress cysts however they are likey to return after you stop the Lupron. I took 4 out of 6 rounds I was supposed to take for endo, had a laparotomy done to remove 2 cysts and stage 4 endo. I couldn't take the last 2 months due to the HORRIBLE side effects. Some people have been able to tolerate it but I can't ever reccommend it after it did what it did to my body. I strongly recommend you have them remove the cysts if possible, it will be easier in the long run I promise!! Good Luck.



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