lupron depo for Endometriosis?????
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danesgirl - August 8

I am going into the doc this thursday. Haven't had a real gyno check in a year due to no insurance. What exactly is lupron depo? My dh and I have tried to concieve for over a year and a half and no luck. Will this help? Should I ask my new doctor about it?


nikki2204 - August 8

I took 4 rounds of Lupron for endometriosis. I had a Laparotomy done in January of this year to remove cysts and they discovered stage 4 endo. He removed all he could but didn't want to mess with the ovaries too much for fear of damaging them and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years now. He put me on the lupron to clear the rest up. I was supposed to have done 6 rounds but quit after 4 due to the horrible side effects it caused me. There are many people out there who took it and had no problems with it but it was terrible for me. I had horrible chest pains, body aches, nausea, daily headaches and just felt bad everyday. I am still waiting on my cycle to return, it must still be in my system. Do you have endo? Has the doc recommended Lupron?


danesgirl - August 8

I do have endo. I had laproscopic surgery march 2004. I lost insurance so i couldn't get seen again. Its only been a few ER visits here and there. Also, about 5 months ago i went back to my original doc that did the surg. I had to prepay the visit. and the doc has never suggested Lupron. So i'm starting to wonder about that doctor. She put my on BC shot.. which i got took off of after 2 yrs because of the side affects after 2yrs. So then she did the surgery. So now here I am. I guess I had a dumbass doc and i'm never gonna be outa pain. :(


nikki2204 - August 9

I would definatly find a better doctor, where are you from? I absolutly love my doctor, I am from Ohio. The lupron was the wrong thing for me for sure but I hope it cleared the rest of the endo up off my ovaries so I can conceive now.


danesgirl - August 9

I am from Oregon. But we recently moved across the state, so we'll see what happens! Thanks for the help. Baby dust


bj - August 10

Hi. I hope you don't mind if I join in? I was reading your post and wanted to share a quick version of my story. I had a laparoscopy done in October, 2005. I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years before that. Anyway, my doctor found stage 4 endo. A couple of weeks after the surgery, he wanted to put me on Lupron. I was kind of scared at first, AND I wanted to get pregnant. If I went on that, it would take at least another 6 months. Well....I asked what the advantages were to being on it. He told me that the Lupron gets the endo that he couldn't see. Maybe some that was behind ovaries or something. He said that it would also make my insides healthier for when I did get pregnant. It would be easier to carry a baby full term. So....I decided to do it. I know every woman is different, but for me....I didn't have bad symptoms at all. I had the shot every 4 weeks, and every time I went in, they had me fill out a questionnaire. Questions like how I am handling the medicine, am I more depressed now, do I still enjoy doing things. They kept a pretty close eye on me to make sure everything was going ok. Anyway, I was on it for about 5 months. Now, the Lupron stops your period, so after my last shot, they put me on birth control. Just to get me regular again. Long story short, after 2 cycles, they checked to see if my tubes were clear, and thank God, they were. I got pregnant pretty soon after that. I am now 12 1/2 weeks, and I am so glad I chose that route. I have a friend that was also on Lupron and she got pregnant after the birth control, as well. I know it's not for everyone, but I wanted you to hear a good story about it. I hope all goes well.


danesgirl - August 15

its not a problem at all anyone can join..:) thanks for the happy story!


jg - August 16

I have a happy story too :-) Dh and I ttc for five years including 5 ivf attempts and multiple operations to clear Endo.......I had another aggresive operation followed by 8 months on Lupron - it was awful and I even had to have hormone replacement therapy to help ease the symptoms, but after eight months I had medication to induce a period, took clomid and got pregnant straight away. I have a 14 month old son now and am on the path of TTC again. Lupron side effects are incredibly awful, but having a child is incredibly WONDERFUL so I'd recommend it to anyone who needed it. :-) Good Luck!



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