lupron and IVF
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Lizelle - October 7

I'm having my last Lupron shot in 2 weeks. I recently have read alot lf negative things about Lupron? Any how, I was wondering if anyone can inform me about the process after the last shot and how long it takes then to do IVF? How long does the hole IVF process takes? I'm very unfamiliar with all these things. I am to nervous to ask my doctor cause he explain it in terms that only he understands.


Lisa - October 7

Hi this is my 2nd time doing IVF and I just started my Lupron on Monday 10/3/05 I am taking 10 units every nite and I have been on birth control pills for about 23 days now my clinic said that once I start the lupron I should expect my period within 5 to 10 days and if I do not get it by 10/12/05 to call the office to make a appointment for my baseline ultrasound and blood work if I get my period before then call on the first day of my cycle to go in for all that stuff then once I get my results back from the ultra sound and blood work and everything is ok I will start my Gonal-F for stimulation and cut back on the Lupron to 5 units per nite last time on stimed for about 8 days and then went in for my retrevial and of course did the trigger 36 hours before so it really depends of what kind of protocol your on. My clinic gives me a calendar with everything written on it so I know what to do when I am sure yours should have one so ask for it because it really helps. And if your doctor confuses your ask him to explain it so you can understand this is a major thing you are going to be doing and I am sure it is costing you a bunch of money so don't be afraid I always call my clinic whenever I am not sure of something I would rather be safe then sorry and if they don't like it too bad he is your doctor but your paying him!!!! Hope this helps GOOD LUCK!!!


bump - October 10



lizelle - October 11

Lisa, thanks for the info. I'm still kind of lost. I'm on the Lupron shot due to endometrioses. I will get my last shot Oct 18th. Then I'm having a lap. to see how much endo is still left( stage 4). It will be six months of Lupron shots. I have'nt have a period since April. After the lap. I have to go to the IVF clinic to see what is the next steps. Like you said it is alot of money so I wondered if I should give the Ovulex a change and see if it works, but then I have read somewhere that you should ttc for a couple of months after the last shot? BUT then I'm thinking should I just go for the IVF as I already had six months of Lupron. It is so confusing. If I understand right you can go for the egg retrieval while you sue the Lupron? If on Lupron do you still produce eggs? I realy appreciate your info. Thanks


Lisa - October 11

Lizelle, Hi I will be taking Gonal-F to stimulate my ovaries then I will lower the dose of Lupron and and it will stop me from ovulating on my own. I think if you are just taking lupron alone without anything to stimulate your ovaries then ayou would not produce any eggs but I could be wrong. Then I will take a HSG (trigger) shot to make me ovulate.



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