Luperon & Puregon for ivf anyone using?
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isa - April 21

DH and I havent decided if we are doing ivf yet but my protocol would be cd 21 luperon to cd3 and then also add puregon on cd3. I would be on .01 of the luperon until cd 3 when I drop it to 1/2 (.05) for cd3 and add in puregon 4 viles/day I think he said. Anyone have experience with these for ivf that can tell me about them. They will both be stomach shots and I am already used to doing those for 5 cycles so I have no concerns on that -just not sure about the drugs or side effects. thanks.


nikki2204 - April 21

Hi Isa - I am currently on Lupron but not for IVF, for endo.... I'm not sure how similar the doseages are and how the side effects will differ but I experience hot flashes like crazy, headaches, nausea and muscle.joint pains. The good news is, I started the add-back therapy and it has cut the sside effects down tremendously. I wish you all the luck..... IVF will be my next step if it doesn't happen natural after the last shot of endo in July.


isa - April 21

nikki what is the add-back therapy


Ann1 - April 21

Isa, fyi, Puregon is marketed as Follistim in the U.S., so U.S. posters may not recognize the name Puregon.


isa - April 22

oh Ann thanks I did not know that. I know there is a thread out there for that one I will read it and see if it helps. I appreciate that. thank you


nikki2204 - April 24

add back is progesterone, which counteracts some of the side effects of the lupron.


isa - April 24

thanks nikki. My RE has us start progesterone supps the day after 2nd iui and for ivf but not sure when you start it if doing ivf but hadn't heard it called the add back.



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