Lunar Ovulation....Interesting
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dea - December 31

Hello ladies- I thought I would share some interesting information with you all--maybe it will help someone out there. There is a theory that a woman can ovulate TWICE a cycle. (Rare but can happen). My story----About 18 months ago I thought I was pg. Went to dr.. u/s, blood, the works. Blood came back neg. But- my u/s showed that I was getting ready to O! I thought, impossible--- I'm in the TWW and already had my shift (I was temping/charting etc...). Well- yesterday I looked up this whole lunar ovulation thing (a theory that says a woman can o during her birth date moon phase). My phase is the New Moon. You can look it up online. I looked back at June 2004 and guess what!!!????!!! I was Oing during the new moon! This is science not theory. So- now DH and I are going to try two times a month....during my regular O and during the new moon--usually just after my AF. This would explain why my cm doesn't dry up!!! Word of caution: don't pay for the info--I got it all by hunting around online. I am willing to help if you need it. Crazy I know...but at this point I willing to give it a shot!!!


maddy - December 31

Hi dea my birthday is 1-9-1979, can you tell me my moon phase. I have heard a little of this too but I couldn't quite figure it out or can you tell me how to find this out .THANKS!!!!


dea - December 31

MADDY: This is what I found....Phase of the Moon on 9 January: waxing gibbous with 88% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated. GOOD LUCK!

Full Moon on 13 January 1979 at 2:09 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.


dea - December 31

MADDY: Some additional stuff--- The waxing gibbous Moon is very nearly full and illuminated generally from the right. This phase of the Moon is seen to rise sometime in the afternoon when few people are looking at the sky. This is why it usually goes unnoticed until it gets dark at sunset. By that time the gibbous Moon is well above the southeastern horizon. The Moon is in this phase for nearly a week between first quarter and full. Just a day or so before Full Moon the waxing gibbous Moon appears nearly full and might be mistaken for a full Moon. The Moon in this phase sets just shortly before sunrise.


L - January 1

I found this site very helpful:



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