Lunar fertility cycle
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hoping - September 15

Okay, I admit it girls. I was curious about this. Couldn't hurt right? Well, I looked up my birth moon phase and compared it to this month and supposedly it should coincide pretty closely with my ovulation (it falls on a fertile day). Know what's weird though? Both of my daughters were conceived on the exact same moon phase day, not as my lunar cycle day mind you, but the same day as each other. That happens to fall around 4 days after my supposed "lunar fertile" day. I know there's probably nothing to it but it was another venue to check out since I figured I had reached the end of the internet on other fertility searches! Fun to look at anyway. Anyone else ever looked at it?


mommy2josh - September 15

Hoping do you have a link to a site you used? If anything it sounds fun, even if there is no merit to it :)


hoping - September 15
- here's one. There is also Basically, you're supposedly most fertile when your lunar fertile day is close to your ovulation day. The lunar fertile day is the day of the month where the moon phase is the same as the day you were born. You can find past and present at



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