luna thank you
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Kisha - April 4

my breast are tender more days then other , my discharg seems more , i'm starting to get little cramps like if my period supposed to drop.. where theses also some of your signs?


luna - April 4

Yes I thought my period was going to start as I had pains but when it was 5 days late I did a test as I'm never that late. I couldn't beleave it as I'd been trying for over 2yrs so next day I went to chemist and got them to do test. I cried when I got a call to say it was positive.
How long have you been trying ?


kisha - April 4

not to long. my period was on 3/14 it dropped while i was having intercourse then 3/25 and 3/28 do u think i was ovulated?



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