low sperm count
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quenn - November 3

I'm taking clomid but DH has low sperm count is it possible for me to still get pregnant?


linds99 - November 3

Yes. Just because your husband has a low sperm count, it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant, it just makes it harder. There are specific vitamins being made catering to men that actually promote sperm production, health, motility, morphology and count. Do a google search to get your man on this multivitamin, I bet you will see his count, unless he is missing a testical or has other genetic disorders, will rise within a 3-month period. Men need zinc, a lot of it! Zinc is found in shellfish and other foods, start getting him to be zinc concsious. Did you know when scientists tested sperm, they found healthy concentrations of zinc were one of the major elements of the makeup! I think orange juice also has zinc too.


quenn - November 3

Thanks for the info I was getting frustrated.



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