Low Sperm Count
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Wannababy - July 16

Hi all, Well DH had his semenalysis last week and it came back low. I don't really understand it but the doctor told him it should be 30 but it is only 9.........how bad is this? Will we still be able to conceive?


J.C. - July 16

The doc means 30 million. Fromthe research I've done, the norm can range from 30 million to 150 million. How was his motility and morphology of his sperm. This can be more important than the actual #.


Lena - July 16

I would imagine your doctor was referencing either total concentration or motile concentration. Total concentration is the number of sperm present. They can be alive, dead, deformed, or unmotile. Motile sperm count measures the number of sperm that progess in a forward movement. Obviously the motile concentration is a lower number because it is a subset of the total concentration. I would imagine most doctors would report the motile number as this gives a clear picture of reproductive success. In that case, his count isn't that bad. After washing, he would have over 5 million motile sperm which is the minumum number recommended for IUI. Overall, the numbers may be discouraging, but they aren't hopeless. It just means that you may need assistance in conceiving a child with your husband.



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