Low progesterone, scarred ovary w/ 6+cm cyst
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cdmrose - August 20

I am almost 30, month #5 TTC our first, and no luck yet. I stopped BCPs 5mo ago, and have been taking it for ~13yrs due to incredibly painful periods (fainting, puking, etc). I had an appendectomy 3yrs ago that left my right ovary in bad shape - enlarged, and probably lots of scarring. This mo that ovary O'd around 8/8 (my opk said so), and on 8/15 I went back to the doctor due to shooting pains on that ovary. My ov cyst went from 2.5cm to 6cm in 1wk. Now I'm in even worse pain, and last week's blood tests show CA125 normal and low progesterone of 4.7. Hoping the doc will call me with an explanation this week sometime, but the wait is a bit stressful. Anyone know what my chances are of BFP anytime soon, and/or what this means? I presume my other ovary is OK, but am feeling rather depressed about the whole thing especially since I don't know what to expect. Everyone else in my family just thinks about sex and gets prego...


thayward7 - August 20

I'm sorry you are having a hard time cdmrose. Low progesterone could be you didn't actually o, or your body doesn't produce enough once you o. Most women have a rise in progesterone once they o because the corpus luteum collapses and begins to produce it. Some women, just don't procduce enough, and need support through their luteal phase. I hope your doctor gets back to you soon and lets you know what is going on, are you sure you o'd? or was it the cyst? I hope it works out in a positive way for you. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Smiles - T


dea - August 21

CDMROSE: I read that your have been ttc for about 5 months (not toooooo long)-- however, with your history of cysts and scarring I would recommend that you see an RE ASAP. From the sound of your periods-- is PCOS a possibility?? Do not waste time. If your ob/gyn is hesitant to write a referral (if you need one), you can always ask for an HSG test (to check your tubes) in the meantime. Pursuit this and be agressive. I started TTC when I was 30- I am almost 33 and still no baby--- I'm not trying to discourage or frighten you- I just wish someone told me to be agressive in the very beginning! Drs. sometimes are too relaxed about this stuff ("give it another month") and you need to be your own advocate. All the best to you and tons of baby dust~~


dea - August 21

Or- endometriosis could be a possibility too.


cdmrose - August 26

Thank you for your posts, Thayward and Dea. I still have no idea whether or not I O'd. But this is a new cycle and hopefully the other O kicks in. Maybe this is the month for us! My cyst is still there but not nearly as painful, and my period was surprisingly short - I wish they were all like that! The nurse said the low progesterone didn't mean I would have trouble conceiving, but said instead that they might put me on Clomid...? Getting that much info out of her was like pulling teeth (after having left 2 unreturned messages in 4 days!) so I see what you mean about having to be aggressive. I have a followup U/S with the doc on Tuesday, so we'll see what she says then. I believe she is a gyn and RE, so I know she is good. Anyway Dea, I wish the best of luck to you, and tons of baby dust back atcha! Just think, if this is the month for us, (and you're in the US too) then we will miss the hot months while we're carrying. Thayward, thank you for your post. It is so nice when the person you complain to doesn't say "Well maybe it's not meant to be..." I don't know if you're TTC too, but if you are, best of luck (and lots of baby dust too!) to you!


thayward7 - August 27

cdmrose... good luck with your appointment on Tuesday. I hope it goes well! Yes, I am ttc. I am on a 2 cycle break though off of the drugs. I have done 4 cycles of IUI on clomid, metformin, hcg trigger and this last cycle progesterone support. Let us know how things go! I have an appointment on Sept. 8th to discuss what I will be doing next (I may be increasing my clomid or switching to injectibles). Can't wait for end of Oct./Nov. when I can try again. Smiles. - T


dea - August 28

CDMROSE: My RE once said that if you get a period-- more than likely you are o-ing. Hope that helps?? Hope tomorrow goes well- let us know!!! BTW THAYWARD: Clomid gave me 1-2 eggs. I coupled it with a trigger and IUI- no PG. This cycle I used injectibles, trigger and two IUI's two days in a row- I am now 4w3d PG! So, go with your gut. We tried the injectibles with IUI because insurance covered the meds- otherwise it would have been nearly $4000 for them. But if that's an option you can try it. On Follistim I had 6 eggs (at least 5 matured). GL to you both!!!



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