Low progesterone level after Clomid need advice
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ROBYN - April 16

I am a little confused with Clomid and the HCG trigger shot. I finished the 1st round 50 mg and did the shot 11 days ago. I went to the RE this morning for my progesterone level check to see if i ovulated. I got my results back today and they were awful it was 2.8 i couldnt believe it. I swore I had ovulated I had all the symptoms of it. I am on CD 24 is this somewhat normal for the 1st round and can I defeinitely not be pregnant this month?? Even though I know the trigger shot can give false positive I keep getting them. Thanks for any advice


Tracy88 - April 16

Unfortunately, even if you did not ovulate well, clomid can make you feel like you did. A level of 2.8 is not very good and you can probably bet you did not get PG this cycle. While on clomid, doctors look for at least a level of 15 on day21. I was on it for three cycles and always got a huge, bloated, crampy belly, and one of those cycles was a bust, but I always felt the same. Two months on it my progesterone was really high and one month it was really low. Keep going with it and ask about upping your dose next cycle to 100mg instead of 50. The third cycle I was on it, my progesterone did get higher due to a higher dose of 100mg. You never know, next month you may ovulate from the other ovary and may kick ass, so don't get discouraged if this month does not work out for you. I did not get PG from clomid, but my sister did on her second cycle at age 35. If you have any other questions let me know. I hope I helped even just a little.


ROBYN - April 17

Tracy, thank you very much for your responsel. I understand a lot more now. My RE wanted us to make an appt tomorrow to meet with him. I am sure its to up the dosage for next month. Now I understand the symptoms with the cramps and bloating feeling also nausea. We will see tomorrow.


Tracy88 - April 17

Let me know what the doctor says. Good luck!!


ROBYN - April 17

Thank you I will update you. One more question dont know if you have the possible answer to. My left tube is narrow and when i had my hsg they said the right one was clear and fine and this one the dye did come out but a little slow. When my U/S have been done that was where the egg they saw at 21mm this month on the left side. The right side had several but they didnt mature. Do you think thats where the problem possibly is that i didnt ovulate because of the not so good tube??? They said the uterus and the lining looked excellent.



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