low progesterone level
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sheela. - March 11

i have been trying to conceive but luck so far. my ob-gyn told me that its due to my low progesterone level and started me on clomid. after the 1st cycle blood test was done on day 21, it was 8.1, my ob-gyn asked to take double the dose of clomid so it can go above 10. so after the second cycle of taking the clomid blood work was agin done but this time it was 4.75. i am now confused how cud it go so low this time. my ob-gyn told it happens, so he is planning to increase the clomid dosage to 3 tabs/day for the next cycle. can anyone help me with this .



Renee - March 11

I am on my first month of clomid at the 50mg dose. My doctor said each month they will increase the dose until the progesterone levels are high enough indicating ovulation. Once they find the dose that I ovulate on, I will continue on that dose for a few months. I get my first blood test the beginning of next week. My progesterone was 2.8 with no clomid.


Holly - April 15

I had the same problem with Clomid. The first month I took it my progesterone level was 0.6. Then the second month they raised my dosage to 100 mg and my levels went down to 0.3! I am going to try it again this month, staying at 100 mg, but start it on Day 3 instead of 5 and take it longer. Hopefully I will have luck this month. If it doesn't work, they said Clomid probably isn't for me, and we will try another drug. Also, Clomid doesn't work if you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). You may want to look into this. I wouldn't get discourged with your levels. I have heard of people getting pregnant with levels as low as 5. I would keep trying, and if it you don't conceive, ask to try another drug.


CRYSTAL - April 15

I have pcos and my dr gave my Clomid to get me to ovulate and raise my progesterone levels. This is my first cycle of it at 50mg. I go to the dr on monday to have my day 21 test done. I will let you know how it goes.



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