low progesterone/ egg quality
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Jenny - March 10

I had an IUI on day 12 of my cycle. I was on clomid. I had my progesterone checked 11 days after the IUI and it was only a 4.4. The nurse said it may be that my progesterone was just low, or that maybe the egg was poor quality... This totally freaked me out. I am only 31 and can't imagine why I would have poor egg quality already! Has anyone ever ehard of progesterone being an indicator of poor egg quality? What else could have caused it? I'm so sad, because basically this cycle is a bust, right? It needs to be much higher... :(


amy - March 10

Hi Jenny..I have never heard of that before..are you sure that you don't have a luteal phase defect? pregnant women usually produce progesterone between 10-50 iu.. it has to be atleast a 9-10 for the pregnancy to sustain itself, but MD's like it to be higher. If you do have a luteal phase defect, your MD could put you on progesterone supplements after you ovulate to help w/ implantation. I would have them check that..also, why would they say you have poor egg quality when they really have no idea? You can't tell something like that from an u/s as far as I know. Low progesterone in pregnancy can indicate a failing pregnancy..


Jenny - March 11

I don't know what the nurse was thinking... I think it's more of a luteal phase defect and this was something she just came up with (seriously, she's came up w/ weird stuff before) They are putting me on progesterone suppositories next cycle...s o hopefully that will help.

Thanks for your response!



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