LOW progesterone
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MollieJo - August 30

Does low progesterone mean I didn't ovulate? I was on Clomid 50mg on cd3-7 and on cd21 had my progesterone drawn. It was 0.8!! The doctor wants to put me on progesterone but what good will it do for this cycle if I haven't even ovulated!?! Do I need a higher dose of Clomid? Has anyone else had this type of experience?


linds99 - August 30

It is likely you haven't ovulated. Was this progesterone test taken 7 days after "suspected" ovulation? If it was, doctors like to see the luteal phase number at least above 15 and 20 on a medicated cycle.


slowpoke01 - August 30

yes with it at .8 you didnt ovulate anything under 10 means no ovulation. progesterone being low affects your cycles and they want to get it higher so that it may help you ovulate with the clomid.



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