low progesterone
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lchromey - February 25

I have now been on the clomid for 5 months... 3 months at 50 and 2 months at 100 my progesterone levels seem to be going down while on the clomid which is very unusual i have another appt with my dr coming up doon to discuss progesterone supplements however she thinks that the ovulation problem is more from being infertile due to the endometriosis..... I need to have a hysterectomy soon but we're going to try as long as i can deal with the pain


KJM - April 29

I was tested on april 7th and my pro was a 1.4 took clomid 12th-16th and went to test again on the 28th and still a 1.. why didnt the clomid raise my levels.. and my doc wants me to start clomid again today, but this time 7 days instead of 5. Has anybody gotten preggers from taking clomid for low prog?



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