low progesterone
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i - April 25

Hi, i have progesteron level of 1.5, took the test at day 21 of cycle. doctor told me that was realy low, not ovulating.


Erin - September 13

Hello, On day 21, I was sent to take a progestorone test. the nurse called back today and said it was low and the doctor would be in till tomarro. I'm full of doomn and gloom, I'm only 24.


dee - September 19

I have been on clomid for 3 cycles now. First cycle progesterone level at 43, 2nd cycle at 25 and I think this cycle was 7.9. Its cf 35 and no af as yet. I think its coming though. Sore bbs and lower back. Did ovulate this month? Had pain in my right ovary for the last two weeks.


please answer - September 19

ladies i wonder if anyone can help?how did you all no that your progesterone levels were low is this a blood sample they take routinely when you find out you are pregnant?


kd - September 19

a progesterone test is a blood test completed 7 days after the date you believe you ovulated---if you don't know what do you ovulated and you have regular periods every 28-30 days your doctor will probably have you do it on day 21 of your cycle. Most RE do a Progesterone(or P4) test consistently but many ob/gyn do not unless they suspect low progesterone is a problem or they suspect that you're not ovulating at all. Hope this helps!


oopss..typo - September 19

do should be "day" on the second line


please answer - September 20

thankyou for answering my question.I'm in england not sure whether it works the same over here.


nanabon - March 23

Hello all....I am 5 weeks pregnant today. My dr has been monitoring my hcg and progesterone levels since i found out I was pg on Friday. I just had a m/c on Jan 9. My hcgs are doing great....but I don't know about the progesterone...yesterday my level was 13.1...is that an okay level. My dr sd she didn't want me on progesterone supplements yet...but I don't want to take any chances. Any advice would be great....


deliah - March 30

i've been taking clomid and i have to go for a progestron blood test every month on my 21st day and this last test my progestron level was 28.6 so i am wondering if i am possibly pregnant. has anyone out there been pregnant with their progestron level at 28.6? please let me know , thanks!


terese - October 3

I have progesterone problems-my ob started me on progesterone the day after insemination to make sure that the uterus prepared itself for implantation, but many people go on the prog. after they find out it is low and do just fine. if you have not started to bleed than it would seem you are in good shape?


Leslie Lynn - November 18

Hello Ladies.....Hope everyone is having a great day.....I was wondering if anyone could help me....Does anyone know of any natural progesterone supplements?


lchromey - February 23

I was on clomid for 3 mos and then my doctor doubled my dose. When on the clomid your progesterone level is supposed to be high when compared to someone who is not on this or on progesterone supplements. My progesterone however has only been 0.48 at day 21 of my cycle. Still hoping for the best but I have severe endometriosis and it doesn't look good


lchromey - February 23

i'm only 22


Blakey - February 23

Progesterone is important the 2nd half of your cycle (after ovualtion)- to help supoort the pregnancy. As someone on here mentioned they like to see the level at around 20. I would think joyce, that if you had an iUI, why didn't your RE/or Dr. put you on progesterone support, like suppositories. usually Progesterone in oil injections are given after IVF, but the suppositories are quite common after an IUI cycle. , again for the extra support. I would be kind of upst with your RE, for not checking that out sooner. All the best to you. Sounds like some of the women here gave some encouraging, and wonderful inspriring stories!!! Think positive, and hope all will work out for you!!! Hugs!


spham28 - February 23

Ichromey - i'm on the same boat as you. My progesterone on cd23 was only 0.6. I was on clomid 100mg. My gynae didn't want to prescribe any supplement because she thinks it's only for women who miscarried. She just increased my dosage to 200mg. You should try natural progesterone cream. I heard some ladies on the other board said it's better than nothing at all and it's all natural. I think I'm going to give that a try this cycle. Stay positive. GL


lchromey - February 25

I have now been on the clomid for 5 months... 3 months at 50 and 2 months at 100 my progesterone levels seem to be going down while on the clomid which is very unusual i have another appt with my dr coming up doon to discuss progesterone supplements however she thinks that the ovulation problem is more from being infertile due to the endometriosis..... I need to have a hysterectomy soon but we're going to try as long as i can deal with the pain



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