low progesterone
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joyce - February 10

i was insemenated two weekends ago everything looked great, follicles, lining of the uterus blood tests. up until i took my progesterone test which was 1.6. doctor put me on vaginal progesterone. is there any one who has been pregnant with that low number?


m - February 10

I just talked with my doctor this week. My progesterone was 2.8. He told me that if it was below 2, then I wasn't ovulating, and if it's between 2-8 it's very low and there is a small chance I'm ovulating, but probably not. He wants me to go on clomid, and says the progesterone needs to rise to a level like 10-20 to achieve pregnancy. Good luck!


m - February 10

I want to clarify my last message. My progesterone was at 2.8 on day 24 of a 28 day cycle. Since progesterone rises after ovulation after you get close to your next cycle, this was too low at that point in my cycle. That level taken on an earlier day might be normal.


m - February 10

I'm sorry, I should have typed "progesterone rises after ovulation as you get close to your next cycle"


hadas - February 24

dear Joyce- my progesterone droped in the second blood test too. needless to say i was full of doom and gloom. but last week i went in again for a blood test and ultrasound and...the progesterone was up to 21!!! and i saw a heart beat!!! my doctor said i should stay on the supplement until week 11 and that i am out of danger. i am so happy and hopefull now and i hope things turn out just the same for you. i know it's hard but try to stay calm. good luck.


a - February 24

I have a questions for you girls. The progestron test, does the blood drawn need certain time? like before breakfast or anylike in the day? Because I read an article talking about the progesteron level vary before or after meal. I plan to have one test once I get pregnant since I had a miscarriage last year, I wondered if it is possible because of low progesteron. Thanks for any advice.


Christine - March 9

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and just found out mine was at 4.8. My doctor won't put me on anything. I have a 2 and 4 year old and I was on an oral progesterone with both pregnancies. I have two beautiful healthy children. with my first child I had about a 5 prog. level after a week of progesterone I went all the way up to 27.


Shaneithia - March 9

Joyce, I have low progesterone levels also. My numbers weren't quit as low (7. something) but I was able to conceive with the help of the progesterone suppositories. Hope this helps...good luck.


SJ - March 11

I just wanted to let you all know that I had low progesterone at 4 weeks, and my doctor put me on the supplement - I was so discouraged by everything I read on the internet, but I prayed that God would take care of the situation. My son is now 3 weeks old, and I wanted to give you all some encouragement. God bless.


angie - March 16

I was on clomid to ovulate. My MD did a progesterone blood test and said it was 5.3 and I probably did not ovulate. They were going to increase my clomid for my next cycle. I never started so I took a preg test and it was positive. I was considered 5 weeks pregnant. My MD put me on progesterone suppositories and I am now 16 wks. Good luck to everyone.


VL - March 17

I received news yesterday that my progesterone is low and was immediately given the hormone in form of vaginal suppositories of 50 mg strength. I had additional bloodwork done this morning and will see if the progesterone level has risen. From what I've read in answers, it seems progesterone supplments can help achieve successful pregnancy. I am trying to keep a positive disposition - but it is hard and a very stressful time.


Jill - March 23

I have low progesterone too. I'm 4.5 weeks and taking progesterone 200mg 2xs a day. I am praying that it helps this time!!! Christine- I would find a new doctor. I wonder if he thinks it's already too low and there's no point? There's nothing more frustrating then when you know you need something and your doctor won't help you.


Nicole - March 24

Hello Ladies,
I am six weeks pregnant and my levels were at 8 last week and my doctor gave me the suppositories as well but I am having a really hard time getting myself to take it. Like VL, I am very stressed and praying for a healthy pregnancy--without the meds. Does anyone know whya person would have this problem with the third child??


lisa - March 26

I was just started on progesterone suppositories 2 days ago. My level was 15 at 5 weeks. I had a miss, a successful(with 3 weeks of bleeding) and another miss. After 4 doctors, one finally tested my progesterone. am hoping for the best. My thoughts are with you all!


debbie - March 26

can some one help me, if i take this CLOMID,can i be pregnant at the same month i take it.


Natalie - April 2

I was told I have low progesterone just two days ago I am at 5 weeks and have started taking 50 mg suppositories twice daly. When I put them in I ly down for a hour, still I am having leaks all throughout the day. Is this okay? In these hard times I wish everyone good luck.


i - April 25

Hi, i have progesteron level of 1.5, took the test at day 21 of cycle. doctor told me that was realy low, not ovulating.



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