low pregesterone?
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Saird - July 31

Hi girls, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about low progesterone? I believe I O"d on CD20, according to my temps, it's many days later and I have no AF and neg pregnancy test and lower temps. I didn't think I was temping inccurately or anything, but I don't understand how I can't have AF if not pregnant. Please view the chart, and tell me if you know anything about low progesterone levels...

Thanks in advance


wannabeamom - July 31

It looks to me like you had an anovulatory cycle. Which means you didn't O. However, I am no expert, so hopefully someone else will pipe in with more insite. I have low progesterone and take prometrium starting cd17 every cycle. Do you have low progesterone?


MelissaV - July 31

I'm not the best at analyzing charts, but I didn't see a big thermal shift after you thought you o'd. Progesterone is the hormone that increases after ovulation and it is the hormone that causes the temps to rise (from what I understand). THe way I found out I had low progesterone, though, was my luteal phase was kind of short, so my doctor had me do the "day 21" blood test to check my progesterone & it indeed was low. LIke wannabeamom, I take prometrium on cd 16-28, and it does seem to be helping to raise my temps higher than before, and is doing a good job of regulating my cycle length. I don't know if you can truly know if your progesterone is low unless you ask to have the b/w done.


Saird - July 31

Thanks so much girls, I' ve just been trying to figure out why my cycles are so irregular. I have not been diagnosed with anything. I mentioned to the doc that my cycles were irregular and he wasn't the least concerned. I guess I'll keep temping and see what happens...


MelissaV - July 31

How long have you been ttc? IF it's been a year or more & your doctor is not concerned by irregular cycles, I would change doctors! Good luck!


Saird - August 1

I've been off the pill for about 8 months. Fertilityfriend did take away my ovulation calculation today, as my temps are still all over the place on CD45, and no AF. I guess I'll keep temping and see what happens...



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