low or "normal" thyroid test?
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Val - April 30

My ob recently had my thyroid tested (it was the tsh test) and the result came back as 3.57. She said that was "normal" but I've read online that anything over 3 is actually outside the new "normal" range. I'm wondering if anyone out there who is working with an RE has had experience with this. Thanks for your thoughts! (By the way, I'm 36 and had a mc in August 05 and have been ttc unsuccessfully since then.)


Katt - April 30

Hi Val! YOU R CORRECT! Normal range is .3 - 3 so if you are having symptoms of hypothyroid chances are you may need thyroxine. Is there an Alternative Medicine Doc in your area? My story: I will skip most of the details but I was diagnosed pcos, then pmdd, and also adult add over a period of 4 years. At one point in 2002 an ob checked my tsh and it was a 4! SHe said it was normal and told me I must be pcos...Just this past november a new ob wanted to open me up and take a look-see due to my pelvic pain amung other symptoms to r/o endo!! I sought an Alt Med Doc as per my Mom and he checked my tsh to be a 4.75. I was falling asleep during football games (I LOVE fb), my hair was falling out by the handfulls - well it was on the pillow, in the shower and full in the comb! No energy whatsoever - I was tired after climbing 7 steps I had to use the railings. I am 32 and I can now successfully trace thyroid issues back to age 14 when I was told I had Juvenile Rheumatoid Artheritis (a sign of oncoming thyroid problems) I learned much of this from my new Alt doc and research online. There are some great websites out there. www.thyroid.about.com is a goodie! Oh and if you doln't want to seek a second opinion look on the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists website there are pdf files proving this case in pint maybe your OB would be willing to give it a read? Here's the link: http://www.aace.com/pub/pd
<<if that doesn't work, go to - http://www.aace.com/pub/guidelines/index.php and select "hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism 2002" Hope this helps! Sorry for wordiness;)


Katt - April 30

BTW - the same group AACE is contemplating lowering the range further to 2.5


Katt - April 30

oh and I just got my bloodwork back and I am at a 2.75 - I still have have energy issues but not so bad that I can't exercise to get rid of some this weight the dag thyroid hopped on me! Oh and I lost 8 lbs just taking thyroxine - I take Levoxyl 37.5mcg (1 & 1/2 of 25mcg) and 2 Thyrotropin tabs


Val - April 30

Katt - thanks for all your info! I'll check out those sites. (I had seen the about.com site and found it to be very helpful.) I don't have a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism, but my naturopath had suspected that it might be low based on my bbt and is giving me a homeopathic medicine for it currently. She was more concerned about the test numbers than the OB, who either isn't up on the latest research, or just doesn't think it's something to worry about. Can you take those meds while ttc or while pg? Thanks again for sharing!


Katt - April 30

yes, synthroid/levoxyl is simply a synthetic thyroid hormone you would be on it for LIFE. With your number being so high a drop might actually aid in getting pregnant. (I was married prior and NO children - never knew what was up; guess it good I didn't since I not w/him, but whether or not you consider this good news I honestly believe that since I have been on the levoxyl I have been preg 2 times all ending in early mc - not the point - an egg was at least penetrated and tried to implant! I will use baby asprin next month if my symptoms fade yet again this month) A good book on the subject is: The Thyroid Sourcebook by M. Sara Rosenthal. It's a quick read. A GP will use the local laboratory guidelines. I actually work for a lab and am currently trying to get them to change their reference range - they sent that pdf to their Medical Director for review! I am hoping for good response. I praise Alternative/Natural/Holistic medicine because it looks at the person as a whole instead of simply treating symptoms. It's great that you see one! I find the confusing part as when to go to the GP or OB and when to see the ALT, lol!



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