Low HCG Level on Blood Test
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Amysince70 - November 24

Hi, I have tested at home on days 8,9 and 10 DPO and have gotten the same faint positive. So, I called my nurse and she said to come in today ( 11 DPO) for a blood test. They just called me to tell me that I was pregnant for sure but that my Hcg levels were very low. It's 7 on 11 DPO. She said it's either early or an abnormal pregnancy and now I have to wait out the weekend and get retested on Monday to see if my levels rise. I have only been having pregnancy symptoms for 3 days so I'm wondering if I just implanted late? But then I wonder about the other faint tests that I was getting all week...I would thinnk they would have been a strong positive by now if I got a weak one 3 days in a row? Gosh, I'm worrying myself sick! Anyone go through anything similar? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


lovemy3 - November 24

Sorry, I don't know too much about it, but I do remember when I had my last baby at cd37 my amount was only 367, if that helps. Sorry, I hope it is all ok, keep us posted.


Mega - November 24

Amy--I'm so sorry. I'm right there with you. I'm in so called beta hell myself. At 11 DPO though it is definitely possible you got a late implanter. But with those faint +s you've been getting all week, I'm curious about what HPTs you've been using, they must be very sensetitive. Anyway, at this point the main thing is if they're doubling & how fast. That truly determines how viable it is. My inital beta at 13 DPO was 22, 2 days later 44, 4 days later 167 & then 7 days after that 497, not a good rise at all. I go back for beta 5 on Monday too but my nurse basically thinks it's not viable at this point at all. It's rough. Hang in there. Hopefully we can help eachother through beta limbo land. And I hope it's a much better story for you on Monday.


Amysince70 - November 25

Thanks. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through the same thing. It IS rough. The tests I was using was AIMstick...They detect 20. My faintpositives took about 10 minutes to show. Also, I triggered 12 days ago. The doc said that there is no way it's the trigger that's still testing slightly positive but I have read that it can stay in your system for 14 days. Who knows? I'm getting so tired of thinking about it. I only started having pregnancy symptoms 2 days ago so I'm kinda wondering about a late impanter myself. So, it's either a late implanter, a non-viable or...that I'm not pregnant at all and just picking up on the trigger. This was also my first cycle with clomid so I might be feeling more pregnant than usual because of that. I hope you have a successful pregnancy! Let's keep in touch. I'm anxious to hear how it goes for you.


Mega - November 27

Thank you! Good luck today. I hope we both get better news today. Yes, at 12 days since the trigger I'd think it was unlikely that it's still causing a faint +. Most sources say it's out at 10 days but I have read 14 days too. What kind of trigger did you use--the IM kind or Ovidrel? I'm thinking the IM kind might have more hcg than Ovidrel but I'm not 100% sure on that. Anyway, keep me posted on today's result & I'll do the same. Hang in there! I hope things work out well for you & you have a successful pregnancy.


Amysince70 - November 27

Thanks, Mega....No official news yet but no longer positive on the home tests at all. I'm expecting them to call me in the next hour or two.


Mega - November 27

Amy--I'm so so sorry. As much as you can be prepared though, it's probably good that you took the HPTs to prep yourself for a BFN on this beta. Although I guess you're never totally prepared for bad news. My RE didn't give me much hope for good news today either, even if my beta rises he still doubts it's viable. Sounds like your clinic processes results on betas pretty quickly, that's good. I probably won't know for another 3.5 to 4 hours give/take. Long days, huh?


Amysince70 - November 27

Really long days! I'm sorry about your numbers. Please keep me posted when you hear.


Amysince70 - November 27

Hey Mega...I was wondering if you know anything about these numbers? On day 21 my progesterone level was 23. On the day I had the forst beta it was hcg 7 and progesterone 16. I know progesterone drops a little after implantation but I'm wondering if you know how much?


Amysince70 - November 27

BFN- Bummer. The nurse at the clinic just kinda pissed me off. She said I was pregnant....and the clinic recorded it as a chemical pregnancy...But I know at 10.5 DPO when I had my beta....that is was the trigger leaving my system. I never really felt pregnant...And I was testing positive from day 8. So now we're probably doing one more cycle of clomid before we try IVF....Either that or taking a month off of the meds....Any suggestions? Anyone have any luck after stopping clomid?



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