Low dose Clomid question
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marymo - March 5

Has anyone ever been on Clomid 25 mg and has had a successful pregnancy with this, or know of anyone who has? Just wondering. Thanks!!!!!


slowpoke01 - March 7

marymo-i havent heard of anyone being on 25 mg clomid, but i was on 50 mg clomid in august and had hcg trigger shot follicle growth study and iui and got pregnant but had to terminate in sept because it was a tubal and the doc said it was a fluke because my hsg dye test showed there was no blockage in my tubes. if you already ovulate on your own then they probably put you on the lower dose just to up your chances a little. i know that when i am on the 50 mg i pproduce about 6 follicles and i ovulated on my own so they gave me the clomid to produce more eggs and up my chances of conceiving. good luck to you.


marymo - March 7

Thanks slow for the input. I have a question, and I hope its not a stupid one, what do you mean by producing 6 follicles?? I then just may try the 25 mg since I already do ovulate and are regular. My OB gave me the option of 25 mg, so I guess it is out there. Thanks again, and good luck to you!!!!



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