Low Count, Low Motility
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mommywannabe - April 5

Just curious about this. DH got his S/A back and his sperm count was 4 mill. and his motility was at 30%. Does anyone know if there is something he can do to improve both? All other factors per my RE were fine just these two things. Has anyone ended up with BFP with a combo of these two factors or one or the other? Was IUI your option or was it natural? Just want to find out more. I have searched and googled this and it pops up so many things I thought I'd start here since I am on this board and have been for over a year. Please, any advice would be great.


linds99 - April 5

I would suggesting purchasing Fertilaid for your husband. Go here to get it online....http://fertilaid.com/default.asp. I say this because most men's diets today don't include all the major sperm making materials they need, like selenium, zinc, vitamin E, etc....(most men eat meat for dinner and potatoes and bipass the salad...) anyway, the diet has a lot to do with sperm makeup and quantity. Also, if your husband's count and motility and morphology is low, it may take up to 3 months for those numbers to get better with vitamins, so he needs to start taking them right away and be consistant about taking it everyday. Get your husband to eat more foods rich in zinc, as zinc is a major component of sperm. Selenium is also very important for male fertility. One more thing, I found a research study that determined if male SA results are low, it is advised for him to "not hold his ejaculation in too long" and they encourage ejaculation at least every other day to keep new sperm generated and ready to go and get old, less quality sperm out. But BDing everyday with low SA and trying to get pregnant was not advisable. Good luck to you!!!


Sonyamac - April 5

hi there, my dh also has a low count/poor motility sometimes-it varies month to month. We are currently doing iui again for another child. I conceived in Oct 2005, we had iui and did the bd as well. Our RE was surprised that i was pregnant, because the count post-wash was only 12 million. We are trying again since we had good luck last time. This time around he has strarted taking GNC Mega-Men-2 day, extra Vitamin C-4000 mg, & Selenium. On our 2nd month his count pre-wash was 153 mill, and post wash 53 mill. that is pretty good. I also have had him turn off our hot tub, wear looser fitting pants, etc. He travel a lot for work, so sitting isn't the greatest, it bakes the little fellows. ....check out the iui thread for April, there are a lot of posts and issues with Sperm. We are all dong iui.
Good luck, and remember they change all the time...it takes anywhere from 3-6 months for the sperm to regenerate. also the very first drop of semen is the most concentrate, sh should have a shower, clean hands etc, before the sample. sometimes a round of anitbiotics helps if there are high puss cell/white cells in the semen-check with you RE.
Hope this helps, our son is now 8 months old! Sending you some baby dust!


mommywannabe - April 5

Linds99, thanks for your response. I was researching Fertilaid and thought about buying it. For both him and me. Can't lef myself go either and it couldn't hurt. Should I give him that and give hime a multi-vitamin or just that and make sure he gets zinc and selenium as well? I don't know where to start. I thought try this and in two weeks he's got another S/A that needs to be done and see if it helped in small amounts and then when we have to schedule the IUI then we can see if it made a difference. What do you think?


mommywannabe - April 5

Sonyamac, thanks for your response. I am hoping we have luck when we go for the IUI like you did. I have a 6 yr old DD from a previous relationship so I know it can happen for me but wanted to help DH along with his soldiers, if ya know what I mean. I was very happy about his count. I was starting to think it'd be 0. LOL!! But at least he's got guys they are just slow and not as many. LOL!! Thanks again.


linds99 - April 5

That fertilaid has everything plus more that he needs...I think it is great. I would encourage your husband to eat more shellfish for more zinc, selenium, orange juices, nuts, etc. make sure he is eating his veggies...those also are loaded with sperm making vitamins, especially the greens. I really think he has a shot of getting a good reading an a few weeks...I bet he can reverse this!! Best of luck...


mommywannabe - April 5

Linds, see his problem is that he doesn't eat veggies. He HATES them. So I need to find a way of him getting those vitamins he needs without making him eat veggies. I think I can get him to eat shellfish but the veggies are an ABSOLUTE no. LOL!!


Blakey - April 7

Hi mommywannabe-
My sweet husband had severe low motility, and low count, only about 10 million. We got pregnant on 2nd IVF/ICSI cycle, I am 10 weeks. He was not taking any meds. or anything. ICSI was recomended to us by our RE, and after seeing a eurologist , it was our only choice for a positive result, and it worked! HAve you thought about ICSI?? Good luck!



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