Lovemy3, I have a question for you!
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marymo - December 10

I noticied your trying for #4, Im trying for #3. I am the exact same way. I had my two without no problems at all, first month of trying. Did everything check out ok with both you and your DH? and I hope you dont mind me asking, how old you are? I know age can have a big part in infertility. Im 36, trying for almost 21/2 years. Thanks in advance.


lovemy3 - December 10

Hi there, I am 37 and will be 38 in May. We are in our 8th official month of ttc and I haven't been to the drs yet (jan 2007). I concieved my first 3 in the first month, no problem, just presto!! Now, have been trying using OPK's, getting a surge etc, cm, but nothing. My youngest is 3 and my oldest 11. I am completely at a loss as to why. I suspect its age. My af has bcome lighter over the past year. Still very regular but lighter flow. How about you? I am finding this very frustrating and I really don't get it.


marymo - December 10

Thanks for your response. I first seen my OB and then referred me to an infertilitist. Im totally regular, always have been, I get the surge each month, I have regular cm (I do natural family planning, never been on birth control), both pregnancies were normal, healthy babies. My oldest is 8, and then 4. My DH had his semen tested, had a high WBC count, put on antibiotics, cleared it up for a while, and we still werent getting pregnant. I had my tubes checked, those were clear, had an u/s done, my lining and uterus totally fine. I am just beside myself!!!! I never in a million years would have thought it would have been so difficult to conceive this last one. Im not seeing the infertilitist anymore b/c insurance doesnt cover a whole lot. I had to pay out of pocket for the HSG. She wants to do an IUI but insurance doesnt pay for it. Maybe it is still my DH, but if my tubes were clear those 3 months he was on antibiotics and then he checked out okay, then why didnt I get preg. then??? I just keep praying. The Good Lord has his reasons, and its all in good timing I guess. But still frustrating as heck. Thanks for answering my question.


lovemy3 - December 11

Good morning, I know it is so hard. We don't know why. But God does and it is all in His timing, which we soemtimes don't undersytand at all. Sometimes, we eventually see it and sometimes we don't. I keep praying that we do recieve this blessing , or for Him to remove this desire. I think also it iso alll about surrender, and I'm having a hard time with that. What cd are you on? I am ovulating now. Hang in there.



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