Lots of ewcm but negative OPK
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Rachel - October 6

I was wondering if anybody knows why I show signs of peak fertility with lots of ewcm but test negative on Clearblue Easy ovulation test stick?


me - October 6

I am in the same boat right now. I went through 2 packages of OPKs only to get a negative for all of them. EWCM is caused by estrogen, so maybe you have your horones slighty out of whack. I have my first RE appt this monday, because I too have the ewcm but no positive OPK or rise in temp to confirm O. Hope that helps! Good luck.


Rachel - October 6

Thanks me. I think maybe you're right about the hormones as I've been temping as well and they are just all over the place. Last month I had a v. clear + on the test, did lots of bd at all the right times but af still showed up...grrr! Good luck to you with your appointment with the RE, I'm planning to see a doctor this month too.



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