lots of egg white cervical mucus
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Beth - October 7

Hey! I've been in here quite a bit, but not very often, or lately, because I get too worked up over this whole thing. We've been TTC since may, as best we can. Probably don't have sex more than a couple of times a month, due to husband's RSD. Please look that up if you don't know what it is, everyone should be aware of it! Anyway, I'm very sad, because not only do we want to have a baby, but I'm so stinking horny! My job is coming to a quick end, due to my boss can't ever keep his stories straight, and I've been there for 5 months, and still don't have the health insurance I was promised when I started. He's such a liar! I can't work for someone like that. Hopefully I willl quality for unemployment, but there's a large job market for what I do, so I"m hoping to hear something tomorrow. Anyway, what does it mean to have a lot of this cervical mucous? I never noticed it when I was on the pill, but now at the same time every month, I have quite a bit of it, for about 4 days. Sometimes it's pretty stretchy, other days it's just like egg white. If that makes sense...Anyways, I really just needed some girly time here. I'll talk to you all soon. Have a blessed day.


T - October 7

That is the cm you want when ttc. The wetter and stretchier the better. That is the medium that transports sperm. It means ovulation. You should chart it so you know when the best time to bd.


me - October 7

the pill stops you from ovulating, so you would not see alot of cm while on it. seems that oyu have alot now, which is excellent! good luck!


Beth - October 7

yeah, I think I undestand the ovulating part of it, but I've never had this before. The pill would explain it! Hopefully we'll have some luck soon.



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