lost and helpless...(thyroid/endo/preg)...advice anyone?
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Katt - March 10

I am ttc 2 years, 32, and desparate to conceive in my 2nd marriage. Never tried in the 1st, never used BC and never got preg! I have been told by one doc I am PCOS, another that I am PMDD (gave me Zoloft - I stopped that and took B6). When the pelvic pain started last Sept a doc wanted to cut me open and take a peek. (he thinks I have endometriosis) I opted out and found an alt med doc who found out I am Hypo, which in itself explains A LOT! On thyroxin for 41/2m and having pelvic pain again (not cramping) after thinking I was preg by implant spot. I still believe I was and it couldn't complete. My husband wants to go back to a fertility doc (he was told his count was low among other sperm issues and has been on FBFM) I just made an appt with the doc who wanted the surgery . I am lost and feel helpless. I have had surgeries b4, but none under gen ans where I sign a waiver to remove my parts if need be. Has anyone had an exploratory laporoscopy? - what about scar tissue, complications, the gas they pump into you, pain afterwards, length of time off work? Does anyone have experience with Endo and/or Hypothyroidism that can give me tips or just peace of mind that it's merely the beginning of a win in pregnancy? Sometimes I think my body is so messed up that I am not sure it's worth it to try anymore! HELP


kelley32 - March 12

Oh boy, I don`t know what to say, except that I don`t know how you feel, but I really feel for you. After an early miscarriage in Jan. 2006 after 6 months of trying, my doctor suspected Hypothyroidism because of a goiter, although I`m still wating for blood test results to confirm, I know it`s hypo, and because I think I may be pregnant again this month, I`m terrified of having another miscarriage. Why does the doc want to do surgery, isn`t it normally laparoscopy to see if it`s endo? I have been misdiagnosed before with an infection in my uterus, was prescribed a course of heavy duty antibiotics, then went to another doctor who said I in fact did not have an infection. It sort of leaves you wondering how these people get liscensed in the first place. If I were you, I would continue seeing a fertilty specialist and perhaps find a gynaecologist to try to get to bottom of things. Don`t give up, you`re only 32, my Grandmother had her first at 42 and last at 48. I know it`s a difficult journey because I`m living it too, just find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Best wishes!!


Cendy - March 13

Katt, I just posted my story on the hypothyroid thread. I would repost it, but it is getting late and I am tired. If you would like to read it, please check out Kellyey32's post. Kelley32, I just posted on your other thread. It is my understanding that having a goiter usually means you have hyperthyroidism causing the thyroid to enlarge into a goiter. Does the doc think it could go either way hyper or hypo? BABY DUST!


jg - March 13

Hi Katt. I have had four lap's under GA for endo and other problems to be treated. The first one was to explore and treat but they found so many probs that they only looked around in the first and one planned the best treatment course for another op. The next lap was fairly intensive and they removed a lot of the problems and treated the endo as much as possible. I then went through a couple of years TTC naturally to no avail,, had another lap to treat endo, TTC for another year then tried IVF five times (in one year). That also did not work. At the end of that year I had another lap to again treat endo, and after that I had a Lupron depo inserted to shut down my ovaries so that the endo would hopefully not have a chance to return and my insides were given a chance to rest and heal. I took medication after eight months to induce a period, took clomid to enhance ovulation and GOT PREGNANT STRAIGHT AWAY. Could not believe it. Five long years of TTC and being told that we would not conceive naturally and it actually happened. My boy is now nine months old and I now know just how worth it it is to endure all that pain of TTC. About a month ago I got a referral back to my gyno as I can feel the endo is back, and I am waiting to go back and probably have another lap to remove it so that we are clear to start trying again sometime. A bit more about the lap's: First lap I had two cuts, second was three, third was three and fourth was four cuts. They are not anything worth mentioning - each one only about 1.5cms long and have now faded. The only complication I had after one of the lap's was quite severe pain persisting after a couple of days, which was diagnosed as irritated internal scar tissue which just settled by itself after a few more days. The gas they pump in is not painful in itself, but the crazy thing is you get referred shoulder pain which can be quite unconfortablem but again it's only for a few days. Afterwards I was in hospital for one-two days each time and had rest at home for approximately five-six days afterwards. TRUST ME, the discomfort you experience from having a lap is so incredibly minor compared to the absolute JOY of having a baby that it fades into insignificance the minute you hold that little baby in your arms (just like labour really!) LOL. My dh also had low sperm count, and in the months leading up to our miraculously conceiving, he took vitamins c, a and e, bioace excel, Q10, zinc and selenium. I took pre-natal/pregnancy vitamins and also evening primrose oil (but only at a certain time within the cycle as it can be harmful otherwise). I also took cough syrup for a few days leading up to ovulation to thin the cervical mucous. We of course don't know exactly what part of our efforts actually contributed to our falling pregnant, but I'd do it all again in a heartbeat to be successful again. Good luck.


Katt - March 14

Correction on the thyroxin, will be 4m March 26 - starting to lose weight now though!


Katt - March 14

Kelley32, thank you for the kind words. www.thyroid.about.com is a great site to check, but a goiter is usually related to hyper as mentioned by Cendy, just remember normal range is .3 to 3 for TSH (see http://www.aace.com/pub/guidelines/index.php) I agree with the who knows what in docs these days which is why I went to an alternative med doc in the first place - they actually listen and low and behold DIAGNOSED ME! I am still hoping that the thyroxin will regulate my hormones and this pain will go away again. See, I took a saliva hormone test that showed estrogen dominance which could make the endo assumption correct; however, this test was taken shortly after the first incident of pelvic pain and before hypo diagnosis. I had been fine while on thyroxin it wasn't until the doc put me on progesterone cream that the pain came back. Mind you, the cream was Rxed based on that saliva test. I go to both my alt med and the ob/gyn tomorrow. Thanks Cendy, I'll check into your post. WoW jg, props to you both for having the patience to guide you in that journey. What exactly are your endo symptoms? I mean, how do you know it's back? As of right now I am leaning toward normalization of TSH, stopping the p-cream and taking another 28day hormone panel, that is if the alt doc agrees with my assumption that the P-cream was a bit premature. I am bound and determined to drill these docs tomorrow, I have a list of questions, the works! For all I know I could have released 2 eggs, had a period and got pregnant too. Eh I know its a stretch but it happens! If/when my thyroid is normalized and stopping the p-cream doesn't help, in that, the pain comes back a third time - I will have the surgery to see if my parts are diseased. I probably shouldn't put it off, but I just have a hard time believing I have so many diseases/syndromes working against me. Wish me luck. I'll check back tomorrow after I go to the doc's ;)


kelley32 - March 15

Well, I got my blood test results, and guess what??? Everything is normal, which leads me to wonder why I have a goiter in the first place (doc's secretary gave me the results, so I couldn't ask any questions) This is going to sound strange, and although I'm glad that I'm OK, a part of me is disappointed because doc saying I was probably hypo explained problems getting and staying pregnant, now I don't have anything to blame it on. This has been the most frustrating period in my life so far, my husband made a comment the other night that maybe I should ask to be put on Prozac or something because I'm walking around so miserable and hopeless, I feel like trying to have another baby has taken over my life, I even started charting my BBT this month, which I said I would never do. Sometimes I think that I'm being punished for things in my past. I justy can't wait for Spring, hopefully getting back in the garden will occupy some of my time


Katt - March 16

kelley32, normal range for TSH is .3 to 3 - the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists is currently pushing labs to change their normal ranges because a person with hypo/hyper is treated in order to get within those numbers; therefore, all people tested should also be within that range of .3-3 in order to have a normal thyroid. My TSH was 4.55 and I was tired all the time, no energy, motivation lost, slightly depressed, was forgetting things, spacy, early graying, fatigue, overweight, hiroshima, have hard time losing weight no matter what I did, falling asleep mid-day naps, the list goes on and on. I am now at 3.08 and most all my symptoms have dispersed less the weight by which I have just started to lose w/o doing a thing! I told myself when I got here it was time to exercise - I needed the proof of weight loss to know I really was/am hypothyroid ;) BTW, I have worked everything out with the docs, well for the most part. The Alt Med Doc says the body takes a few months to adjust to the p-cream (so there is my explanation to all the spotting) the OB says he won't work with men, hmm, but is checking my hubbys sperm and will refer him to urologist of need be. My positivity is back ;) Kelley32, please research the thyroid thing, get a second opinion if need be, seriously. I went misdiagnosed for about 5 years! (I traced my earliest symptoms back that far!)


Katt - March 16

almost forgot the link, here ya go Kelley32... http://www.aace.com/pub/pd


Katt - March 16

oh and remove the dashes!



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